The old job is dead! Long live the new job!

Friday, April 22, 2011
Yesterday was the last day at my job.  To say I'm relieved is a bit of an understatement. For the first time in months, I feel relaxed, stressfree, at ease.  Its a strange sensation for me.  The past year has been one of anger, resentment, stress, tears, aggrivation, micro-managing, and struggling to put on a happy face for 7.25 hours a day, 5 days a week. No more.  I don't think I've ever looked forward to starting a new phase of my life as much as I am looking forward to starting my new job on Tuesday. 

True to form, I did cry on my last day.  The first person I said goodbye to was a woman I've worked fairly closely with for the entire 5+ years I'd been in this particular office.  She leaves shortly after lunch so I had to pop over to her desk and say goodbye to her fairly early.  I took one look at her face and lost it.  Completely.  Think total body-wracking, childlike sobs.  However, it wasn't because I was sad.  Saying goodbye to her was the trigger for my brain and body that it was finally over and it was ok to let it all go.  Unfortunately for her (and her shirt), everything "let go" all over her sweater.  She was very supportive and understood, thank goodness.  I recovered quickly but I felt bad that I had that meltdown with her - she has her own issues to deal with and I didn't want her to feel any extra pressure from my uncontrollable tear ducts.

I managed to say goodbye to almost everyone else in the office without shedding a single additional tear.  There were a number of hugs, some of them extremely awkward, but all were appreciated.  It was good to know that my presence will create a big hole in the fabric that was our office.  I'm not trying to be smug or conceited; my absence will have an impact.  Hopefully, my greatest contribution will be as a catalyst for the change that is so desperately needed in that office.  I am sad that I have to leave for it to (hopefully) happen - I loved my job, the people I worked with, and I enjoyed the subject material; however, I was just unable to work for the people I worked for anymore.  Its a bit of a double edged sword; I really liked both of my supervisors - they were just terrible managers.  I received a lovely message from my former boss who has been on leave for the past year, wishing me well and hoping that we can talk once I get settled and she returns.  If you had asked me two weeks ago, I would have adamantly refused to even contemplate such a meeting.  However, now that I'm gone, I actually am looking forward to getting together with her to let her know my side of what happened and why I left.  She has a close relationship with the current supervisor but I feel that I'll be able to talk to her more easily.  We'll see. 

Anyways, its all over with now.  I'm spending the weekend relaxing, destressing completely and doing a lot of nothing.  I rewarded myself with a breakfast of pierogies and fried onions this morning.  And yes, washed down with a swish of Coca-Cola.  I'll also be feasting on turkey and cheesecake on Saturday (thanks Big Bro!) and on homemade pizza while watching hockey on Sunday but Monday means change.  I've decided that the new job is not just a new beginning for work.  It will be a new beginning for ME.  I'll be 40 in two years and its high time I focused on me, and I don't just mean "treating" myself to any food I want at any time.  Its a new beginning for a healthier, happier, more satisfied London.   Stay tuned...



Wandering Coyote said...

I am so happy for you, Karen! I am excited about your new phase of life, too! And I love that you are going to focus on YOU. Congratulations and all the best! said...

You sound much happier in this posdt too.. I am so happy for you.. congrats and lets hope this is to a new you.. cheers..

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am so happy for your fresh beginning. You sound very excited for all the new possibilities in your new job and I hope that you find it very fulfilling.

On the perogy front, I found whole wheat perogies in the store the other day! A dream come true! So good.

mister anchovy said...

pierogies, fried onions and cocacola is indeed the Breakfast of Champions.

sp said...


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