Product Review: Liberte Blackberry Yoghurt

Sunday, April 10, 2011
The dietician has recommended that I start eating better snacks between meals; something healthier, more filling, more protein, etc, to keep me from filling up on junk or eating too much.  One of the recommendations was yoghurt.  The big buzz in the yoghurt world these days seems to be about Chobani which, unfortunately isn't available in Canada yet.  However, a number of friends and family recommended I give Liberte a try. 

My local grocery store didn't offer a very wide selection:  coconut, vanilla, blackberry and lemon.  I reallly wanted the lemon but it was on the top shelf, there was no one around to help me, and I wasn't about to start crawiling over the cooler section.  Coconut?  I don't mind it but I thought it would be too overpowering.  Vanilla?  Possibly but with the blackberry closest to me, I grabbed it.  Thinking it was Greek-style yoghurt, I was very excited to give it a try this morning after cleaning off the balcony.  Nope - mediterranean style yoghurt, whatever that is.  However, I'm not about to waste it so I stirred it up (fruit on the bottom), spooned some into a bowl and sprinkled a bit of granola over the top.

As I stirred it, it was instantly apparent that this was not your average yoghurt.  It was thick and creamy with LOTS of fruit.  I was hooked from the first taste.  The texture was soft and silky, not too sweet, and reminded me of thick, heavy, homemade whipped cream.  Looking at their website, I'm excited about the wide range of flavours they have to offer.  In their regular yoghurt line:  blackberry peach, wildberry, cafe latte, moka, redberry kiss (mmm, sounds divine), citrus joy (yes please!), strawberry, MAPLE (have I died and gone to heaven?).  In the mediterranean style, orange and mango (sigh...), peach and passionfruit, plum and fig, wild blueberry, pineapple (NO ONE does pineapple...yippee!), black cherry and...wait for it...APPLE PIE!  Now I know there's a heaven!!!  The only problem is finding a store that carries a wider selection...


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, I love Liberte yoghurt! I started buying it while in Ottawa years ago and thought it was the best. I love their flavours.

Be careful with it though: it has 8% milk fat in it - that's why it has the wonderful flavour & texture it does! It's one of the highest fat yoghurts out there!

Karen said...

Yep, I noticed that before I dug in. No worries, I'm not a HUGE yoghurt fan so it'll be snace sized servings for me or, if I can find the Apple Pie flavour, saved for special occasions which call for yoghurt topped waffles!

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