10 Things I Love About Nero

Saturday, May 28, 2011
  1. He lets me pick him up and hold him in my arms like a baby. If anyone else tries it, he reacts as though he was being waterboarded.
  2. His giant farm-cat paws.
  3. The biggest, swishiest tale that wraps itself around my leg as he weaves in and out between my feet.
  4. Having his gums rubbed and covering my fingers in cat-spit is his favourite pastime.
  5. Throwing himself on the floor while I go to the bathroom, and then letting me grab his tale and use him like a broom.
  6. Tufts of Satan-inspired cat fur protruding from his ears.
  7. He figures he’s the boss of everyone, beats up the other boys, and demands the most attention. 
  8. The way he straddles the arm of the couch, the back of the chairs, and the cat condo – arms and legs akimbo. 
  9. The crazed look he gets in his eyes after a hit of catnip; like a crack addict protecting his stash.
  10. Watching him enjoy getting brushed by my mom.
My chair . . . I said its MY chair.


Dee Ambrose said...

ehehe, so cute! you have such pretty kitties :')

sp said...

What a beautiful looking cat!

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