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Saturday, May 28, 2011
Smokey Sunrise
Woke up this morning and it was smokey and hazy outside.  I'm guessing the effects of the fire that destroyed half of the town of Smokey Lake have finally wafted into our city limits.  It dissipated quite quickly and made for some great scenery as the sun rose over the river valley.  After our weekly grocery trip this morning, we hit the downtown farmer's market which is now open every Saturday until October.  We had a specific purchase in mind, a new cat condo thingy for the boys to crawl on, scratch, and eventually rip to shreds.  There's a guy there that makes some pretty amazing feline jungle gyms and we finally had the money to have one made.  However, we can never just visit the market and not pick up a few fabulous local finds.  Sure enough, we came away with a treat for Paola and her man, pickled beets for me, fresh asparagus for mom, a mini strawberry-rhubarb pie to share, some cherries and  raspberries.  We stopped by Medicine Man Bison for a couple of bison burgers (fantabulicious- try them if you ever get a chance) on our way back home. We pretty much ran around non-stop all morning.  And it didn't stop there.  It was gorgeous outside - hot and sunny but with a strong breeze to keep you from getting too hot.  Although I was tired and a bit sore, I had an overwhelming desire to go for a long walk in the river valley.  I wasn't home for long  before I strapped on my running  shoes, slathered my body in sun block (30SPF!) and headed out the door once again.
The Edmonton Queen
Heading east, I wandered the trails until I got to the boat launch and viewing platform near the Shaw Conference Centre.  As I approached, glimpses of the Edmonton Queen poked through the trees.  Part of the trail was blocked off for construction (I think they're going to be paving part of the previously gravel path?) so I wandered up some stairs and around a chainlink fence hoping I wasn't going to end up somewhere unpleasant.  Much to my surprise, I came out just below the Chinese Garden Mom and I had visited last summer.  Everywhere you looked, trees filled with these beautiful pink blossoms, petals floating through the air like feathers following a pillow fight.  And the smell?  Delightful.
Cherry Blossoms?
A few feet away, a Canada Goose was having himself a little picnic.  Sadly, I did not see a mate.  Perhaps he's still searching for his special, life-long lady friend.
Nom nom nom
I finally reached my destination, the footbridge across the river which wasn't quite as far as it always looked from the balcony and wasn't nearly as long as I'd hoped. 

I crossed it and came back within 10 minutes I think.  On the way back, I passed by three people sitting of to the side.  One of them yelled out "That's a great tattoo!".  Made my day (they were talking about the right leg tattoo).  The trip out and back took an hour and 10 minutes and I wandered around 2.65 miles of the river valley. Great way to spend the afternoon.  However, the Go Go Go didn't stop there - we then went to the mall and picked up new curtains.  Sigh... I finally got back home (for good this time!) but then had to still make dinner.  Arrgh.  Since today was all about being outside, I wanted something light and refreshing.  I started thinking salad, mainly because it didn't involve cooking.  However, then I remembered  a fabulous roasted vegetable salad I had when I was in England a couple of years ago.  Mmmmm.  So, that's I had.
Roasted veggie salad
I came across this recipe for a homemade dressing that I thought would go perfectly with the mix of roasted veggies (potato, yellow pepper, baby carrot, grape tomato, red onion) on a bed of iceberg lettuce and baby spinach.  Sadly, I found the dressing (and this is a shocker for me) ... tooooo mustardy.  Yes, I know.  Take a minute to recover if you need to.  It just wasn't the right flavour for the salad.  Ah well, live and learn.  The salad itself though was near perfect - iceberg wasn't a good choice.  I should have used a spring mix but other than that, deliciousness.

How was your Saturday?

2 comments: said...

we went and watched the new roller coaster with people on it this time go for a few minutes went to the store and came home and just vegged out today. I will post the video i took of the roller coaster her in a few minutes.. My youngest wants to go up on it.. No thank you. I will pass.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What a pretty walking route you had! My usual walk, along the ridge of Fish Creek Park and back through the creek valley (about an hour and 40 min) will need to be changed, as the park is completely flooded out. You have smoke, we have water.

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