Thursday, May 05, 2011
Don’t you just love starting a new job, getting exposed to new germs, and ultimately experiencing a new round of illness? Yeah, me either. Not even two weeks in the new office and I spent a day and a half at home in bed, feeling feverish and sleeping the afternoons away, nestled betwixt two cats, each intent on perfecting the perfect pike diving position. I blame my boss – he missed three of my first four day days after he succumbed to this weird flu-like bug. Hopefully the worst is over for me. I am, however, feeling snarfly and phlegmy. Yay. That involves a plethora of sounds you really don’t want to hear in the midst of a cubicle farm.

Nowhere near the pike position ... no gold medals for these two.
For the past little while (and in between fever-induced naps), I’ve been catching up on previous seasons of The Amazing Race. For some reason, I stopped watching a long time ago and only recently started tuning in again. I watched Justin and Zev (my all-time favourite team) lose their passports in Cambodia (Season 15), experienced the Cowboys near win in San Francisco (Season 16), and watched Keisha and Jen battle it out (quite literally) with Margie and Luke (Season 14). My favourite moments (so far…I have about 10 seasons I missed along the way!) though involved the battles between dating couple Carol and Brandy, and their arch-enemies, dating models (and former pageant queen) Caite and Brent (also Season 16). Bitchy catfights abound! The current season is very exciting, more so now that I’ve seen the original appearance of the previous teams. I’m really pleased with the final four teams that have survived – however I can’t say anything more about them as some of my readers haven’t caught up with their episodes yet. Needless to say, the race to the finish will be a MUST SEE this Sunday.

Oh, yes, I’ve also gone a bit crazy with the whole reality television watching lately – Survivor is definitely on the schedule each week, along with Biggest Loser but I’ve also gotten sucked into the horrific car wreck that is Celebrity Apprentice. Not sure quite why but there you go…

Not much else going on. The weather is scheduled to hit the 20s next week. I really have to start thinking about planting soon. We’ve sown some cat grass for the kittehs and a few carrot seeds but we don’t have enough dirt for anything else. We’re not planning on growing as much as we have in the past – its too expensive and the balcony can look a it crowded. However, we’re growing lots of grass for the felines, a couple of bean plants, cherry tomatoes, a few flowers, the carrots (if they grow) and maybe some lettuce. I’m tempted to try and nab a spot in the community garden again but neither mom or I liked the woman who was in charge of it. The word Nazi has been bantered about in our household over her methods but that might be just a smidge too harsh.  Maybe but probably not.

What are you growing this year?

Currently addicted to reality TV? What’s your poison?

And does anyone know – wasn’t there a competing travel show that aired around the same time as the first season of The Amazing Race? I’m sure there were two similar shows on different networks. The Amazing Race was hugely popular while the other tanked.


Wandering Coyote said...

When Juno does "pike position" I call it her seal impression because she reminds me of a seal with it's flippers...Nevermind!

I plan on planting some spaghetti squash, beans, and I'm not sure what else at this point. I'm off the to the community garden on Saturday for a work party. Perhaps I'll get some inspiration then.

I'm currently addicted to Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives - which is torture!

Milla said...

Not even a TV I'm not addicted to television, and I don't remember if Pisko was doing this 'pike position'.
But I know what I've planted so far: lots of bulbs for summer flowering. The strawberrys from last year are flowering and so are the raspberries and the loganberry bushes. The cherry tree had lots of flowers and the chillies are flowering too.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hope you're feeling better; those cats need their bed back.

Rhubarb is about the only thing we have been able to successfully grow in our very shady yard. Fortunately I like rhubarb.

S.M. Elliott said...

I have to admit I don't watch any reality TV, except Kitchen Nightmares.

Hope you feel better soon and stay healthy! Not easy to do downtown, where everything you touch has already been touched by umpteen germy people.

Red said...

Thank you for your restraint in not revealing the final four teams in The Amazing Race! :)

The only reality TV we watch here is what our friends across the Pond are kind enough to send to us: Survivor, Amazing Race and Project Runway. The UK mostly sucks when it comes to reality TV. The Only Way is Essex? I mean... why?!? Having said that, if you dig The Apprentice, we could tape you the English version of it. It's so cheap-looking, and the contestants are such lying, underachieving losers, it is often quite fun to watch. Due to start next week, so just say the word.

We are well into drama at the mo: Breaking Bad (sure you don't want to give it another go? You didn't like Oz either to start with, remember?), The West Wing, The Shield. Tried Rubicon, but it made me sleepy. Can't wait for the new season of Dexter!

sp said...

Those are two very content looking cats! Very sweet.

I may try some lettuce this year. We've got nothing but shade in the yard. We do have some herbs in the front and in a few containers.

As for reality t.v.? I mostly avoid it. That said, I'm a fan of Whale Wars, something I've just discovered and Til Debt Do Us Part.

christine donee said...

i literally laughed out loud at that photo. it's classic. classically wonderful.

Currently addicted to ... well.. I don't have cable.. but I do watch a million things on Netflix. I'm catching up on Dexter right now. How did I never watch that show?

Karen said...

Coyote - Mmm, Triple D is deadly! So glad to hear you're doing the community garden again!

Milla, what I wouldn't give to have a lovely little garden like yours. It sounds delightful!

Barb, nothing wrong with rhubarb. I loves me some.

SME: Ah a fellow downtowner. I know exactly what you're talking about. Don't even get me started about riding the #1 bus! Ewwwww.

Red: Wooo hooo! Dexter! Can't wait! Well, TAR is over. I'm disappointed in how it ended but what can you do? I think you'll figure out pretty quickly who my fave team is. More DVD's coming your way as soon as Survivor is over.

SP: We've grown a little bit of lettuce in the past but our containers I think just aren't the right size for lettuce :(

Christine: thanks so much for stopping by London's Fog! Its one of my favourite photos of my boys. I've checked out Netflix Canada but they just don't seem to have much of the newer shows. Maybe in a year or two when it really gets going I'll sign up.

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