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Sunday, May 08, 2011
A few weeks ago, I finished a self-imposed fitness challenge - I "climbed" the world's seven highest peaks over the course of 21 days.  Since then, I've been trying to find a new challenge, a new goal to work towards. Enter Earthquake Girl.

I've mentioned her here a number of times - she's a former coworker and friend - and she got her nickname from a disagreement we had over, surprise surprise...earthquakes.  She hails from the island of Trinidad but now makes Canada her home.  We both have weight issues and have been making concerted efforts to live healthier lives.  Unfortunately we both also have health issues that have necessitated the lifestyle changes, hers being far more serious than mine.  Anyways, during an exchange of emails last week when we both should have been working, we came up with the idea of a new challenge - something that would inspire the two of us and give us an actual goal to work towards.  What's this new challenge, you ask? 

We're walking to Paris.

The Eiffel Tower (photo credit:  julie-n-clark via Flickr)

Yes, walking.  To Paris.  France.  That's in Europe.  There's an ocean between here and there.  That's not going to stop us though.  We're walking.  Well...and cycling, elliptical-ing, running.  You get the idea. 

The challenge is a mighty one, so rather than walking the entire 4706 miles (this challenge would go on forever if we did!), we're reducing that to 471 to make it a bit more managable.  That's still a long way to go - on a great week, I can do anywhere from 20-25 but I usually average around 15 when I walk.  To inspire us along the way, we'll be sharing tidbits about Paris: the sights, the food, the history.  And there's a prize at the end.  The loser has to buy the winner dinner at the restaurant of their choice once its all over. 

I'm very excited to take on this challenge and have a new goal to work towards!  This means, of course, that I'll be providing updates now and again and letting you know how things are going.  I'll probably also share a bunch of little tidbits about Paris and France in general. 

Parlez-vous Francais?


S.M. Elliott said...

Sounds a bit more relaxing than the 7 Peaks, but just as challenging. Bon voyage!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Nothing like a little foie gras chat to fuel your workouts! Bon chance!

sp said...

That's a great idea!

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