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Wednesday, June 22, 2011
This week marked the official return to work. A bit easier said than done.  I lasted 3 hours on Monday. I was exhausted by the time I arrived at my desk and sat down.  Thankfully I have a very considerate boss-type who had no problem letting me go home.  Tuesday was easier - a bit more energy meant I lasted the whole day.  My only problem was that I was uncomfortable all day - a bit gassy, a gurgling, bloated tummy protruding over my waistband. 

Yep, I'm singlehandedly bringing sexy back.

Today was our annual division picnic which meant, as part of the organizing committee, I got to spend almost all day outside in one of the city's lovely parks, soaking up the sun.  Have I mentioned that there are some aspects of the new job that I absolutely LUUUU-UUUVE?  It doesn't necessarily make up for the other things I'm not so keen on but it definately goes a long way!  Anyways, the fresh air and sunshiney-goodness was just what I needed to help my recovery.  And yes, I wore sunscreen.  SPF 30 in case you're curious.

I have to admit that, surgery and emergency room visits aside, I've quite enjoyed the past couple of weeks away from the www.world.  Its been relaxing not checking my emails every few minutes or staying up to date with every little status update on Facebook.  And Twitter?  What's that?  Its has been pretty much non-existant for me for some time.  I rarely check it and can't remember the last time I tweeted (EDIT:  Twice in two weeks, both times to say I'm home from hospital.  I must have been high 'cause I don't remember either of those). 

The combination of summer weather (rain...I love it!) and a mother-enforced ban on laptop time has been refreshing.  I've gotten the urge to read again.  I've caught up on the last 3 seasons of Law and Order.  I finished knitting a pair of mittens.  I've noticed the daily difference in my morning glories as they finally start to climb up the balcony mesh.  Isn't it amazing how much you miss when you're tied to your computer?  Or, for some of you, your phones. 

Never fear, I'm not taking a break from blogging, Facebook, or emails.  I just think its good to remind ourselves now and again that there was life before the internet. 


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