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Sunday, July 31, 2011
Daring adventurer/archaeologist and third cousin, twice-removed, Alberta Jones, is cavorting around Scandinavia on some sort of archaeological dig/cultural exchange.  While he's enjoying the beauty of Norway and Sweden, I have a colleague of his staying with us.  Meet Bjarni the Beserker Bunny.  He's just a wee bit crazy.  Arriving late last night, we didn't get much of a chance to get acquainted so it was a bit of a shock this morning when I woke up, stumbled into the kitchen and was greeted with this..
Yeah, right.  Like I deal well with being told what to do... I smiled politely and shuffled my way to the fridge to make myself some breakfast.  I became alarmed when he climbed up onto the counter and got all in my bizniz.

You bake 'em or I break 'em.
Word of warning - if a mini beserker bunny threatens you with a hammer, I recommend you do what he says.

Sweet Bejeebus...NOOOOOOOOO!  I'll bake! I'll bake!
What had I got myself into, agreeing to this stupid cultural exchange?  Wait, I don't actually remember agreeing to anything...  Oh well, I'm stuck with him for now so I thought it best not to piss him off anymore.  I mixed together baking powder, salt, and half whole wheat/half white flour.  The beautiful white powder reminded Bjarni of his homeland and he became a bit nostalgic.
Ahhhhh - making snow beserker bunnies reminds me of my childhood.
As the biscuits came together, Bjarni became bossier.  Pretty soon I felt like a slave chained to the oars below decks.
Roll....roll....roll...come on you maggot...roll!
However, a few minutes later the biscuits were pulled out of the oven, golden brown and piping hot, and my houseguest seemed to forget everything else. 

I'm the King of Biscuit Mountain!!!!
Hopefully the rest of the week will be much more relaxed around here.  There were enough biscuits to last him a few days - let's pray he doesn't demand anything else.
Where's the butter, bitch?!

4 comments: said...

That is cute and trying to imagine him climbing on the counter to eat the bisquits and bossing you around.. LOL.. Thanks for the laugh..

Wandering Coyote said...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Your biscuits are so lovely and round! (no this is not a euphemism) Mine are generally just plopped unceremoniously on the baking sheet.

Karen said...

Tweetey, it was truly the stuff horror movies are made of - I'm scared to sleep at night!

Barb, I used a juice glass to cut the dough. They're like mini biscuits. I love drop biscuits though - lots of places for butter/honey to pool when it melts :)

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