Blame it on the Rain

Friday, July 22, 2011
I'm not feeling well.  It started yesterday, hitting me just before lunch, right out of the blue.  An instant urge to be sick that never fulfilled its promise.  After receiving worried looks from two coworkers, I figured I would take their advice and go home.  I began to feel better around dinner time yesterday.  Woo hoo!  Perhaps just something I ate.  Shortly before I headed to bed, mom herded me and the kittehs onto the balcony to witness this beautiful double rainbow. 

Its the rainbow's fault I'm not feeling well.
Double Rainbow
Yes, just like Milli Vanilli told us to do in 1989, I blame it on the rain.

Since I was a teenager, I've had the "pleasure" of experiencing migraines (thanks Mom!).  Unlike a lot of folks though, I don't have pain associated with my migraines. Its all visual.  As I like to describe them to people, a rock concert could be going on beside me and I wouldn't care about the noise but if you make me watch them bounce around and dance across the stage, I'll probably vomit all over you.  Movement makes me ill. 

It hit me during a meeting this morning at work.  Sitting across from the big boss man, I watched as he gestured wildly with his hands as he talked about various subjects.  Every time his hands flapped around, a wave of nausea  flooded over me and I started to get wobbly.  Fearing I'd impale my eyeball on my pen, I'd look down at my notes and focus on the unmoving lines.  Ah, relief.  Not instantaneous but better.  Oh crap - I was getting a migraine.  Suddenly, the nausea from the day before made sense. 

The weather is out to kill me.
Where did the other one go?
Alberta can experience some drastic changes in temperature thanks to our Chinook winds.  -20C to +2C in half an hour during the winter is not unusual when the winds are blowing.  While the instant heat wave in the middle of a frosty February is normally lovely, the dramatic change in temperature (and atmospheric pressure) wreaks havoc on  my head/sinuses.  In high school, I used to think my best buddy Jody the Non-Blogger was a big odd when she blamed her migraines on the changes in the weather but I quickly made the connection when I started experiencing them shortly afterwards.

After basking in the warm sunshine for the past couple of days, Alberta experienced a quick drop in temps and the rains returned.  Heather tweeted that she had to wear mittens in Calgary this morning. Yesterday, Barbara wore a heavy coat to the folk festival.  Its really no wonder that when you go from wearing tube tops and hot pants one day to mittens and parkas the next, some thing's going to go wrong.  Sadly, it means missing my month girls' night out but I just don't think I can stomach the animated conversations we always have when we're together.  The rains have continued all day today and they're expected to last until tomorrow morning. Then, back to the sunshine and "nice" temps for Sunday and the Edmonton Indy.  Great.  I'll just write off the entire weekend now.  Thank goodness I'll at least be able to listen to the Eskimos play on Saturday on TSN.


Wandering Coyote said...

As you've been reading on FB, I've had a nasty cold all week. I can't quite blame it on the rain (I blame my SIL!), though. I do get wicked headaches when a low pressure system approaches. It made living in Vancouver very interesting. And it shall again, I guess...

When I have a migraine (which is rare but it has been known to happen) I get super light sensitive. It's brutal.

Milla said...

WOW! What photos! Wonderful.

Karen, I haven't had a single headache since late February. Remember the bad, bad headaches I used to get, that I was even writing on my blog about them? My headaches were like lightning that was starting at the top of my head and was travelling all the way out through my eyes. It was like having a pulsating alien in my head.
These headaches have now gone away. went away. And I think part of the reason why they went is that I eliminated one person from my life who was causing me a huge amount of stress. A huge amount of emotional STRESS.

Gone is this person, gone is the stress, and gone are the headaches!

Could it be that your migranes/headaches are also caused by stress of some kind?

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