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Thursday, July 07, 2011
Am I the only one who feels that people are pigs? Why is it that everyone else out there is a slob when it comes to using public bathrooms except me?! Does no one know how to clean up after themselves? It’s a disgrace. Yes, I’m ranting today. Aren’t you glad you decided to visit?

Here’s my problem. I work in an office building and share a bathroom (4 stalls) with probably 20 women. Not great odds but it could be worse. I’m not concerned about catching something from sitting on the toilet seat or touching door handles (although I probably should be); I’m pretty resilient when it comes to germs. No, I’m cheesed off about the mess made on the counters after someone uses the sink. We’ve all seen it: puddles of water, sometimes soapy, coating the countertops; random hairs stuck to the sides of the sink or half in-half out of the drain; toothpaste splatter coating the mirror; assorted pieces of toilet paper and paper towel littered on the floor. Women, I am sad to report, are pigs.

Bathroom Sink by Sam

To be honest, I could care less about how you keep your bathroom at home. Unless I’m visiting that is, and then I expect a little clean up at least to make me imagine that you don’t live in a garbage pit. Your home is YOUR castle; you can do what you like it there. However, when you’re using a shared bathroom, have some consideration for your fellow users. Please!!!! I find it hard to imagine that the people slopping all over the place cannot see the mess they’re leaving behind. CLEAN IT UP!

What happened to manners and consideration of others? Oh…wait…that’s right. We don’t have any anymore. Manners have gone the way of the Dodo and the Dinosaurs. I blame the parents. Sorry parental units out there but this is partially your fault, at least for the younger bathroom users. My parents taught my brother and I manners from the time we were old enough to walk and talk. Please, thank you, consideration of others, holding doors open, giving up your seat on the bus to the elderly and infirm, treat others as you would have them treat you… You know what I’m taking about. Sure, I’m not quite up to speed on my “Dinner with the Queen” etiquette but I’m sure I could wing it. Are parents not doing there jobs? This doesn’t, of course, explain the middle-aged bathroom users (or even my generation). How did they become such slobs?

Perhaps we should blame it on technology. We’ve gotten lazy with remote controls, self-parking cars, cordless everything. We don’t do anything for ourselves anymore. And, especially when it comes to public bathrooms, we know that someone else is getting paid to clean it anyways so why should we bother wiping up our sink slop? You wouldn’t want to take away someone’s job would you? Certainly not in these tough economic times.

Bah, humbug. Apparently its too much to ask for people to clean up after themselves. You know they would likely never treat their own bathrooms this shabbily. I’ll just either have to suck it up (and clean it up) or hold it until I get home.  I suppose I should be happy they're at least using the sinks - at least there's the appearance of washing their hands.  And that's a whole other story...


Wandering Coyote said...

That's nothing compared to what I had to clean up next door on Monday. Mind you, that is a private residence, but it redefined "pig" completely.

I also had to clean the washrooms at the Crapters I worked at from time to time. So. Yeah, I hear you.

Milla said...

Are you CRAZY to sit on a public toilet??? You need to learn how to 'hover'. I learnt that to an art while going clubbing, because in clubs the restrooms are always in a disgraceful state.

If this is any consolation to you, at my place of work there are only 2 female staff toilets for about 30 ladies. We sometimes have to use the students' restrooms. Bleargh. said...

Yikes.. We have two stalls at work for four ladies on 3rd shift and its usually pretty clean.. I have to say out of the four of us. I am the bad one for not cleaning up.. Sorry. I do tend to forget esp when I know I have to get back to the machine.. I dont have time to dawdle at the sink..

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It really wouldn't be that hard for people to run the paper towel over the counter after wiping their hands, so that is pretty inconsiderate of them. But, as you mentioned, at least they are washing their hands!

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