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Wednesday, July 06, 2011
An Ikea-inspired How To Guide
Today, I was covering off for a coworker who took a vacation day.  No biggie - I've done it before at the old office and the new place isn't nearly as busy (knock on wood) so it went fairly smoothly.  One of the items on my to-do list however was make a bathtub full of coffee for an office function.  I've never used the giant industrial coffee-making machine they've got so the girl I'm filling in for kindly left me the above instructions.  She even made sure the clock on the wall behind stick figure Karen is set to the appropriate time for each instruction.  Now those are good instructions!  However, there are a few things about them that I find disturbing...

First, I'm wearing a skirt.  Now, her reasoning was that the skirt identifies the stick figure as a woman.  However, she obviously doesn't know me very well or she hasn't paid that much attention to my sense of fashion.  I don't even own a skirt!  I'm willing to let that one go though, along with the lack of glasses.  See, I love my sexy nerd glasses but I think I'm much hotter without them.  They do add a sense of mystery though.  Kind of like a librarian.  No, the most disturbing aspect of the instructions is the lack of hands and feet.  How am I supposed to walk (or stand for that matter) to the coffee machine, let alone MAKE the coffee without hands and feet???

Methinks my coworker did not exactly think this all the way through.  I loved the effort nonetheless!


nbrsspot.blogspot.com said...

To be honest with you I think its cute.. You are right she did put some effort into it.. An A for Effort?LOL.

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