Thursday, August 11, 2011
Despite my overwhelming joy recently about the generosity of y'all, I've been feeling down in the dumps.  Can't put my finger on the flashpoint for the whole thing but it resulted in emotional, out of control, craving inspired, eating which in turn made me feel guilty, fat, hopeless, and overall rotten.  And I don't just mean mentally - I noticed a big difference in how I felt physically when I wasn't eating half a plate of broccoli twice a week, or half a head of cauliflower.  And that made me feel bad which made me want to eat potato chips, which made me feel guilty, which made me eat a Big Mac, which....  You get the idea.  The past couple of weeks have not been that great.  I have still been walking quite a bit though which I think has been the only saving grace. 

Shiny Succulent in our office

In addition, I've decided to stop attending our monthly Girls' Night Out.  For me, it was a very adult decision to make:  sacrificing getting together with my friends so that I could put that money towards other responsibilities.  Think credit card, student loan, work clothes... Its not a huge amount of money each month but it adds up over the course of a year and means one of my debts will paid off that much sooner.  If only I had decided to start acting like a grown-up ten years ago, I'd be in a much better place.  Like my own condo.  Oh well, no use fretting about the mistakes I made in the past.  Financial issues have certainly played a part in my not so cheery mood outside of blogland.

View from our office - the Hotel MacDonald and Edmonton's River Valley
Enough of the depressing, down in the dumps stuff.  I'm doing much better today - eating healthier once again (no junk today...except for the homemade red velvet cupcake from a coworker...). 

I've almost finished a pair of Komi mittens (grey and white) for a coworker's birthday in September.  As soon as they're done (hopefully by Sunday), I'll be starting on the three pairs of mittens I've committed myself to making for the Run for the Cure - one for the giftbox, one for NWT Runner, and one for my dad.  Fortunately, I can postpone Dad's pair until Christmas if I need to as long as I whip up a pair for my stepmother as well.  Another positive is that she's allergic to wool so I don't have to place another order with KnitPicks just for their mitts.  To make it worth my while, I'd have to order about 10 or 12 balls ... didn't I just say I have to start paying off my credit card, not using it?!  Anyways, after ALL of that has been finished, I'm thinking I might make myself a winter hat.  I'm already working on a plain, neon scarf which was originally intended for myself but I might give it to a coworker.  She had asked me to make a couple of pairs of mittens but I'm just not going to have time.  Plus she loves neon.

The view from my balcony
Notice anything unusual in the photo above?  Other than there's a car beneath the tree.  Come on, look.  Look harder.  How can you not see it?  Maybe you don't want to see it...  Here, try this view:

That's it, right there
Ahhhhh, now you see it, right?  That little spot of yellow in the middle of the tree.  That's right folks.  Its August 11, 2011 and the leaves are changing colour.  This is one of two trees outside my building that have gotten a jumpstart on the fall foliage fashion show.  It gives me hope that cooler temps are just around the corner, the winds will become crisper with a slight bite to the air, and lots and lots of clouds.  Sweater weather.  Sitting on the balcony with a blanket, wool socks and a hoodie while reading a good book type of weather.  Mmmm, yeah.


mister anchovy said...

I hope you find yourself out of the doldrums soon Karen! Cheers. ek

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