Fall is Coming

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Two mornings in row now, I have not crawled out of bed until 4:30 a.m. For the majority of you, that’s an insane time to be awake at unless you’re still up partying from the night before. However, for me, it meant the cats have finally stopped thinking I’m having a major crisis and are letting me sleep a few minutes longer. I can’t begin to describe what that extra half-hour to forty-five minutes means to me.

When I made my way to the kitchen to give the little furballs their daily treat of crunchies, I noticed a distinct change in the usual early morning temperatures. Having distracted the kittehs with food, I opened the balcony door and stepped outside. Crisp and cool. My feet had to stay on the mat as the concrete was too cold to step on! Fall is definitely on its way!!! Checking the local news an hour later, I was rewarded with the news that it was a mere 9C in our fair city this morning. I gave a little “Squeeeee” at this news and headed back outside again to sit for a few minutes and relish the change before the sun completely rose and the temperatures began to rise once more.

As I’m fond of saying, small things can bring great joy.


Ben Ditty said...

That does sound refreshing!

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