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Friday, August 12, 2011
Have you ever made a decision, something that didn't seem quite so earth-shattering at the time but once you finally made it, you felt as though the weight of the world had been lifted from your shoulders?  That happened to me last night. I backed out of tonight's monthly girls' night out committment - an excursion to the Fringe Festival.  Big deal, you're probably thinking.  THAT's your big decision?  But that's exactly my point.  I was fretting about going from the beginning because I didn't relish the thought of wandering around in the hot sun (27C) for a few hours but as the date got closer and closer, my anxiety level seemed to increase. 

I know that I had already decided to abandon any future get-togethers for the forseeable future but this one night really seemed to cause me a lot of stress.  I love getting together with my friends, I really do, but I think it was that one last commitment to spending money I couldn't afford to spend and I just needed to end it.  The minute I finally made that decision to cancel, I felt a million times better than I had for the past little while.  Sure I didn't feel entirely fantastic or back to my old cheery self yet but it was a huge step forward.  The sunrise this morning felt extremely promising.

Friday Sunrise
In addition to the homemade red velvet cupcake yesterday, there was an incident involving a fantabulicious vanilla milkshake from Fatburger.  While it was delicious, I don't recommend that it be devoured in 3 minutes - you'll spend the rest of the night in a milky, vanilla bean coma.

A Trio of Trumpets
I received a wonderful e-mail from a friend this morning that went a long way to helping with that boost in my mood.  One of those things that happens at just the right moment and said just the right things to make me feel better.

As you can tell from the photos today, I popped out onto the balcony for a few minutes with the kittehs to enjoy the solitude and serenity.  The weather, despite reaching the upper 20s in the afternoons, was surprisingly (and refreshingly) crisp. There was that hint of Autumn once again, with a very light mist on the river and dew shimmering in the early morning light like diamonds, and for the first time the temperature seemed to agree.  My local news claimed that it was 14C by 6:30-ish but I would have sworn it was cooler.  It was delightful.  Something else to raise my spirits. 

I know a lot of people don't like the thought of Winter arriving at all, let alone take any pleasure in seeing the leaves change colour so early but it warms my heart.  Is there anything better than feeling the cool wind on your cheeks, the smell of fall in the air, the sound of crisp, crunchy leaves beneath your feet or the colour palette of an amazing Autumn day?

Only one thing I can think of...

Hey human,, wake me up before you go-go, ok?
Nothing, except maybe an unexpected hug from my niece or nephew, compares to the joy of a purring, overly furry kitteh on your lap.  Having a bad day?  Get a face rub and accompanying eyelid-licking from one of our feline friends and you'll forget whatever it was you were worrying about.  Pets in general seem to sense when something's up and I'm guessing this is why the boys have been waking me up earlier and earlier each night.  I'm likely thrashing around a lot, fretting over various issues, as my normally messed up bedsheets are tangled and twisted when I try to crawl out of bed lately.  Poor little guys, worrying about their resident human.

Once my mind had been made up and the mood began to lighten, they promptly ignored me.  No more twirling in and out of my feet as I stumbled my way through the darkness into the kitchen.  Nope, they gave me a look after I fed them their up-at-the-crack-of-dawn treats, gobbled them down, and headed outside for their respective chairs.


Kasia said...

Hey! Happy Friday! Great post. I like posts that make you think. That feeling of relief is what you get when you listen to that gut feeling. I'm proud of you for doing the responsible thing and putting your priorities (financially) first, even though it's sacrificing something you love. I loved the sunrise photo. AND, I love Fatburger milkshakes! I have been in this milkshake coma you speak of... I too felt that touch of autumn in the air this morning. Although you know I'm a lover of the hot late summer days. I appreciate my pets for the same reason. I used to live with cats, now I live with dogs, but the unconditional love is the same. And it would take a person made of stone not to feel warm and fuzzy!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's very grown up of you to back out of your get togethers for financial reasons. It's too bad that entire countries don't behave that responsibly...

You will be thrilled, I am sure, to know that the leaves have been turning yellow and dropping here for the past two weeks. Although that may be more of a water issue.

Ben Ditty said...

Hello, I'm Ben. I came across your blog by clicking "next blog" and I must say I'm becoming a fan! I loved the bit about cats :)

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