I'll Shut Up Now

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
OMG!  Apparently everyone is sick of me hounding them for donations, spare change, etc. because in the past 2 days, people have donated a whopping $95 through my CIBC Run for the Cure page.  Holy schmoleys! Thanks to your fabulous generosity, I have now managed to raise $351 towards breast cancer research, education and support programs.  No need for you to remind me to shut up and stop begging now, I'm practically speechless!

The Elvis Team   Photo: Imagine Canada via Flickr
As promised I will not be asking for any more donations but they would certainly be welcomed!  I'll update everyone closer to race day to give them totals and what, if anything, my teammates and I will be dressing up as on the day of the event.  You can be assured we will NOT be dressing up as "1970s Jumpsuit Elvis".  Although hats off to this group of ladies for braving the sequins and spandex. 

I will be hyping another event in the next few months though - Mo'vember is coming... I'm not taking part but you know I'll be encouraging y'all to "grow your mo's" for prostate cancer research.


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