Its (not quite) Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Thursday, August 18, 2011
Hey world. Some of you are going to think I’m completely insane but I’m already thinking about Christmas. No, not the ginormous pile of knitting I need to get done…ok, yes, I am think about that…but I’m almost beginning to think about presents for mom. The tradition for the Edmonton-based family has been to only buy for your spouse, significant other, the people you live with. Anyone can buy for the kids in the family but generally we’re not expected to exchange gifts with everyone (thank god, our extended family/friends list has grown a great deal over the last 10 or so years). That means I only have to pick up/make something for my mother and the niece/nephew. Big Brother and I split something for our dad.

The kids should be (fingers crossed) fairly easy – I was thinking a free pass for each of them to the Telus World of Science and maybe some homemade cookies/squares. Sugar and Science? Awesome combination. I love the idea of homemade treats. Put a little love in your gifts I say. Wandering Coyote has sent me a cookie care package for the last few years and I must say its one of the highlights of my holiday season. Another bonus? No wrapping paper, no Styrofoam popcorn strewn about the living room, no clean up. Suh-weet. The kids will get the sugar high, the parents will get a less messy house.

Dad will be no problem – he likes DVDs and is very fond of crime shows. Law and Order, CSI, that sort of thing. He also loves British comedy; when we were growing up he thought Benny Hill was hilarious and he’s recently “discovered” Doc Martin. One of my favourite British programs/series was Doctor Finlay which I think he’d enjoy or perhaps Foyle’s War (I haven’t seen it yet but I've ordered it from the library and I think it might be right up his alley). The possibilities for appropriate presents in his case are endless. The stepmom? Whatever you get, just make sure it’s purple.

Mom’s a bit different though. I have a number of possibilities in terms of gift certificates/cards that I could get her but I’d also like to get her something she can open. Ideas so far: gift card for a massage (she LOVES massages), tickets to an Edmonton Oil Kings game in the new year, a homemade calendar (this is a definite as is one for Dad and wife), possibly new pyjamas. Maybe a paperback for her stocking. I know that she’ll love whatever I decide on but I’d like to get her something she won’t be expecting. Any suggestions?

And yes, I’ve started on my own list as well. A pedicure, an annual membership to the Alberta Art Gallery, movie tickets; nothing too extravagant. To be honest, I can’t think of anything that I want which I’d want someone to buy for me. I really want a watch but I’m very particular. I could use clothes but I want to pick them out. Picky eater? Definitely but to be honest, I’m picky about everything. And I like getting gifts but I get far more excited about the giving!!! Hence the giant knitting list.

So, if any of you have any suggestions, I’d be delighted to hear them. Just don’t suggest things like diamond rings or new cars. I’m on a budget.


Milla said...

You know, Harrods and Selfriges (the stores) ahd their overpriced Xmas junk out in July. JULY!!!
'For the tourists from the Middle East' they said. Yeah right.

Karen said...

Costco (big box store) apparently has had their stuff out for a month or so - bigger items like lawn ornaments and fake trees. Now that the kids have gone back to school or will be next week, the malls will soon be stocked full of tinsel, ornaments and holly jolly merry freaking christmas crap.

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