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Sunday, August 14, 2011
A while ago, I came across a recipe for bacon, cheese and leek quiche, and my mouth started salivating.  This was a bit shocking as I've never even tried quiche before.  Nope, not even a forkful.  Its something I've always been curious about but it scares me just a wee bit.  This weekend, however, I decided to bite the big eggy biscuit and give it a try.  True to form, the moment I flicked the kitchen light on, I heard someone else in the room with me.  A squeal of tires, the smell of burning rubber, and a few vroom, vroom's were followed by the pitter patter of tiny plastic feet.  I was expecting Alberta Jones, daring archaeologist/adventurer and third cousin twice-removed to be returning from his most recent trip abroad so it was with a bit of shock when this little fellow leaped upon the cutting board to bid me bonjour!
La belle beurre
While on a layover in Paris a few weeks ago, Alberta Jones had had lunch with an old buddy, Pierre Petite-homme, the world's smallest Indy car racer, and invited him to stay with us whenever he's in Canada.  The Frenchman took that as reason to take a vacation and as soon as he finished his last race of the season, he hopped a plane and came a-knocking.  Our little apartment is quickly turning into an international hostel (and yes, Franz the Finnish Fisherman and Bjarni the Beserker Bunny are STILL here, loving Canada so much they don't want to leave).
Mon dieu!  You are certainly no boulanger.
You all know me by now, I can't follow a recipe even if the only instructions are boil water and pour into a mug - I'd find some way to make it my own.  Hence the lack of leeks in the "bacon, cheese and leek" quiche. Green onions were the closest I could come.
Sacre Bleu! Those aren't leeks!
I forgot to look when we were at the grocery store and then I couldn't find any in the farmer's market later yesterday morning.  Turns out one of the stalls I stopped at DID have some but for some reason I was blind to them.  I guess I was just too focused on green beans and pickled beets (something I also didn't see).
Bacon...c'est tres bien!
I also wasn't sure how many strips of bacon constituted a "rasher" so I fried up all the bacon I had - 8 slices.  From what I've been able to gather, a rasher is a slice so I was just a bit off the mark.  In my opinion though, you can never have too much bacon.
Sun dried tomatoes - je t'aime.
Or sundried tomatoes.  Or cheese.  However, when I mixed everything together, it seemed that there may have been a bit too much filling compared to egg mixture.  However, it still looked promising when it headed into the oven.
Ready for the oven!
Pierre spent the next 35 minutes doing laps around the dining room, trying to ignore the evergrowing growls of hunger eminating from his tiny little tummy.  He'd have to wait a bit longer though - mom and I, in a desperate bid to escape our ever multiplying houseguests, headed out for a walk in the river valley before it got too hot.

A sweaty forty minutes later (lots of stairs), we arrived home famished.  Pierre was so excited, he almost crashed his mini racecar into the wall.  I cut out a couple of slices and took one to mom. As I was getting ready to scoop mine onto a plate, I heard her digging into hers.  "Delicious!".  Pierre was so thrilled, all he could do was rev his engine.
Quiche me, my Canadian Goddess!
As someone who'd never had quiche before (I was always worried it would taste too eggy!), I wasn't sure what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised.  It wasn't eggy at all.  The bacon stayed relatively crispy and the green onions were a fine substitute for the leeks although the flavours are a bit different.  The first bite which included a piece of sundried tomato threw me for a bit of a loop.  The taste seemed all wrong but with each subsequent bite it grew on me.  When I make this again, I'd chop the tomatoes into smaller pieces rather than leaving them julienned. 

We won't talk about my pastry making skills (or lack thereof) - lets just say it was too thick.  I'll attempt to use puff pastry next time I make it.  And I will make it again.  Mmmmmmmmm.  YAY QUICHE!


Wandering Coyote said...

A rasher is a slice. It's a British thing. :)

Looks great! I'm glad your first experience with quiche was a good one! I love quiche but don't make it for myself for some reason. Perhaps I should change that. The beauty of quiche is that it's so can put whatever you want in it.

london bakes said...

It looks great! I'm glad that your first experience of quiche turned out to be such a pleasant one and I love the idea of sun-dried tomato too. I had a similar quiche fear but now that I've overcome it, I'm so excited about trying all the different possibilities. I think one with spinach and feta may be next on the list!

Thank you so much for letting me know how you got on!!

Ben Ditty said...

The lego man was the most perfect touch to what I imagine it is an utterly delicious dish! Thank you :)

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