Passed my Goal!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011
Thanks to a fabulous coworker, the NWTRunner, and anonymous Adrian from the UK, I've surpassed my initial goal of raising $200 for the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation.  With two months to go, I'm going to change my goal to $300.  It amazes how generous complete strangers can be!  You guys rock.

I'm entering all three of your names into my draw for the gift box full of goodies including a pair of homemade mittens.  NWTRunner, you've earned a free pair of mitts AND and entry into the draw so be sure to send me your contact info - I should have them done (hopefully) by the end of August or early September (I'm currently working on another pair).

Thanks to EVERYONE who has supported me this year and in the past.  You're all superstars!!!


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