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Saturday, August 06, 2011
I walk past Press'd, a local sandwich shop, everytime I have to go to the City Centre mall. And each time I do, I tell myself I'll stop in the NEXT time I have some shopping to do. Today that time finally arrived. Started by two local boys from my alma mater, the aromas emanating from this little shop are heavenly during the lunch hour. Since it was a summer weekend with festivals happening all over the place, the crowd was small and no lineup.

After perusing their menu for a few minutes, I decided to go with the Blazing Buffalo sandwich on white.  I like chicken, buffalo sauce, and jalapeno jack cheese so I figured this should be pretty freaking awesome.  Slap on some tomatoes?  These guys have invaded my brain and discovered one of my most cherished food fantasies.  Mom wasn't hungry after oinking out on popcorn while we sat through yet another horrible James Franco "performance" in Rise of the Planet of the Apes (overall not a bad movie but boy oh boy was he terrible!) so I got my sandwich to go.  Home about ten minutes later, I opened the bag, unwrapped my sandwich and ... was disappointed.

That's supposed to be 'chicken'?
At first, I thought they had given me the wrong sandwich - there was a gentleman who ordered right before me.  However, after I opened it up and saw the buffalo sauce, I knew that this was mine.  Damn.  My initial response, before even tasting it?  Where's the chicken?  That's not chicken.  That's deli meat.  I thought all their ingredients were supposed to be "fresh"?!  They take the time to bake the bread fresh every morning and they give you deli meat??? Really?  Ugh.  After paying almost $10 for this sandwich (which was huge BTW), I was going to give it a try.

After tasting it?  Disappointment all over again.  I love buffalo sauce - like the commercial for Frank's Red Hot, I'd put that sh#t on everything if I could (and my blood pressure could handle it).  Unfortunately, the buffalo sauce Press`d uses was just too overpowering.  Perhaps the sandwhich creator had a heavy hand when it came to applying the sauce but it was too much and too hot.  Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that it meant I couldn't taste the "ranch" sauce - I think its really just mayo.  But it also meant I couldn't taste the jalapeno jack cheese, one of my all time favourites.  I ate the entire thing because I was hungry (I only had a handful or two of my popcorn) but I would never order it again.   Sad when the best part of a sandwich is the bread.  For the record, their bread was delicious!

All in all, this was enough to put me off ever going back again.  The Blazing Buffalo would have been a great sandwich if they had gone slightly easier on the buffalo sauce and used real chicken.  There were a number of menu choices that I had originally thought I'd be returning to try but that deli meat?  If they don't use real chicken, they won't be using real turkey either.  I won't be a repeat customer which makes me sad.  Press'd has great potential but just not for this sandwich lover.


Wandering Coyote said...

Ugh, that sucks! I'd be disappointed, too. Unless it says deli meat explicitly, I wouldn't expect deli meat.

mister anchovy said...

That's too bad about the sandwich. I think to do it right in an operation like that, you need to have fairly small number of ingredients and do them up right. Roast chicken, beef and pork each day. Make it right and they will come.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What a shame! But that is definitely not chicken. Mystery deli meat does not justify a price tag like that.

Anonymous said...

None of the meats used at Press'd are "mystery meats". The owners pay a lot of money for the meats they use because they are quality parts. For example the chicken on your blazing buffalo is not rolled up leftovers, it is 100% breast. And the hot sauce used at Press'd is also just Franks Red Hot Sauce. It makes me very sad to see you say such silly things about an excellent restaurant just because you like to see your name on an article. I love Press'd I eat there almost every day. And I think everyone else should too.

Karen said...

Dear Mr./Ms. Anonymous: Did I say it was "mystery meat"? Kindly re-read my post and pay attention. I said it was deli meat. While some might consider the ingredients in most deli selections a mystery, I never said any such thing. I'm sure that its chicken in some form but its certainly far from fresh. While it might be 100% breast meat, the other ingredients in that "chicken" are not. Guaranteed it'll contain nitrates and a ghastly amount of salt and other preservatives. My point was that they claim to use fresh ingredients AND they even make the bread from scratch every day (I loved the bread FYI) and yet they skimp on the the main ingredient? If I had known it was deli chicken I wouldn't have been disappointed but when they say fresh, I expected FRESH. As in chicken cooked that day. Or even the day before. I'm glad you enjoy their sandwiches. For the record the sandwich wasn't terrible, it was just DISAPPOINTING. Kindly read the entire post next time you feel like commenting rather than just skimming it.

I say silly things just so I can see my name on it? I could say you're a jackass because you think sliced deli chicken is fresh but I'm not going to. As for wanting to see my name on an article? Unless this BLOG post got published somewhere else and no one told me, I expect to see my name on it because I wrote it. Its my opinion. Take it or leave it but kindly don't be a douche bag when leaving comments.

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