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Friday, August 19, 2011
Another gorgeous start to the day - I spent part of my early morning before leaving for work outside on the balcony breathing in the air which held the promise of cooler temperatures in the not so distant future.  Wool socks, a big comfy sweater and a very furry puddytat to cuddle with while watching the sunrise.  Life really doesn't get much better, does it?  Well, if this was taking place on the deck of a cabin in Jasper with the sounds and smells of a newly started campfire swirling about us then yes it would be better.  I'll still take a city centre balcony in Edmonotn without complaining.

Nero doesn't get nearly enough blog time.  Probably 'cause he sleeps on the cabinets over the fridge or on top of his new high rise cat condo or out on the balcony away from everyone else. 
Soft kitteh, warm kitteh, little ball of fur ...
And I haven't made an appearance for a while either so I figured what the hell.  Since I was enjoying myself out there, why not share it with the rest of you.  YIPPEE!  Autumn is coming.  Well, it's going to get up to almost 30 on Sunday (kill me now) but September is just a short time away and then things will really start to pick up weather-wise.
Yes, I'm a morning person
Wow, I look incredibly orange.  Or sunburned.  Or I've been standing in front of the microwave again.  And no, I did not process the image to make it turn out that way, its just the way the camera took the shot.  If you notice the scenery behind me, its all normal.  I think I had the reflection off of the window... gawd I hope I had the reflection off of the window.

Mommikins, the superduper SIL and I are going to the movies tomorrow.  We're going to watch the Conan the Barbarian remake in 3D.  Half nekkid sweaty hot men wielding swords and kicking ass.  What's not to enjoy?  Well, the lack of Arnold for one.  Part of me secretly hopes he makes a cameo but we all know that won't happen.  Its really not going to be the same or have the same feel as the original did.  Heck I even remember where I was the first time I saw it.  We lived in New Brunswick and our neighbours had gone somewhere on vacation.  They had loaned us their Betamax VCR and a tape on which they had recorded Conan when it aired on the original Super Channel.  Yes, I AM that old.  We were sitting on a beige flowered couch with TV trays eating BBQ'd chicken.  No idea where Dad and Big Brother were.  Yeah, I have a beautiful mind, don't I?

I'm going into the movie assuming it will suck.  Presumably it can't be nearly as bad as Van Helsing was.  Nothing can be that bad.  Not even Season of the Witch.  And that was baaaaa-aaaaad.  I will enjoy it for what it is - a carefree romp through fantasy land with some great oiled up eye candy.  Lots of laughs, I'm sure.

What is your favourite action/adventure/fantasy movie?


Red said...

Funnily enough, we stumbled onto the original Conan last night on TV. I'd never seen it before and watched only about four minutes of it. I don't care how many half-nekkid sweaty men you send my way, I'd still rather have a plot! :)

Karen said...

What do you mean? The original Conan had a plot! Sure it was weak and full of holes but it had one!!! ;)

Wandering Coyote said...

Oh Conan #2, AKA Jason Momoa AKA Khal Drogo from Game of HOT is that guy??? Seriously!

Adrian Lee said...

Don't really go for the 'fantasy' genre myself but my fav action movie is Die Hard - the original and still the best! Nice pic btw.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Lovely pics of you and the kitty, despite your mutual orangeness!

My favourite adventure-type flick? Hands down - Shaun of the Dead. Give me nerdie buddies over oiled pecs any day.

Milla said...

@Red: hey, the original Conan DOES have a plot!! Don't look at the half nekkid men, they are all ugly anyway. It's the life story of a Conan, and how many times he falls in love. Eh?

@Karen: great picture of you!!!

Word v.: 'cristere'. AHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!

Karen said...

WC: I haven't watched Game of Thrones yet but I downloaded it and its waiting for me to finish the book...hopefully very soon! However I have seen pics of him from GoT and he looks scrumptious.

Adrian: Die Hard is one of my alltime fave films! A great action movie. Plenty of guns and explosions. And a younger Bruce Willis? What's not to enjoy?

Barb: Thanks! I'll tell Nero you think he's handsome. Shaun of the Dead was freaking fantastic. Great comedy and great zombie flick. Who would have thought to combine the two? OH yeah, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost - amazing duo.

Milla: Thanks :) And exactly. The original had a plot, not great but there was one there! Thulsa Doooooooooom! At the time some of the men in it were hot but audiences today probably wouldn't.

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