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Friday, August 26, 2011
Summer colds are the worst. You expect them in the winter but summertime? The sniffling, phlegm, coughing, aches and pains…I’d rather be taken out behind the barn and shot. There’s been a nasty cold/flu bug going around the office the past couple of weeks, leveling some of my hardy co-workers for 4-5 days at a time. In a cubicle farm, it’s like a domino effect and you just have to wait and see where you fit in the big line of falling pieces.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately thanks to the hot weather which finally arrived. Most Edmontonians thanked all the gods for answering their prayers and bringing forth sunshine and stifling heat. I, on the other hand, sat in front of not one but two fans grumbling about how much I was sweating. Anyways, the lack of sleep meant my immune system was not operating at full capacity. As the week wore on, I woke up each morning feeling worse and worse. Yesterday, I had enough. I awoke far too early once again, full of phlegm and feeling ache-y all over. I called in sick, hoping to nip this little bugger in the bud. It seems to have worked, somewhat. I rested yesterday, curled up with the laptop and the second half of season one of Carnivale and my knitting. Plenty of sleeping kittehs and things looked promising. Today I was only slightly mucus-y and the aching had gone. Fingers crossed – back into the lion’s den today. Beware germs!

This weekend I’m off to buy a bathing suit. Gasp! The horror! Yes, me stuffed into spandex is like a too full sausage about to burst its casing but I’m going to do it. I’m eager to try swimming again (I haven’t been in ages) and I definitely need a new suit. Anyone in E-town have any comments on swimming at the Kinsman vs. the downtown YMCA? I have called both places and we decided on the Kinsman to start simply because the staff at the Y were, well, simple. They seemed to have no clue what they were talking about, what we were asking, or even what day it was. Sad, so sad.

I’m almost finished Game of Thrones, the first in George R. R. Martin’s series, A Song of Ice and Fire. I was pretty sure that I’d like it before I actually began to read it but I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying it. A coworker who’s currently on the second book, and I have daily update sessions on what I had read the day before, character discussions and ideas of what will happen in the later books. I haven’t done that in years! Mainly because none of my friends seem to enjoy reading the same things I do, especially all the nonfiction I tend to prefer.

Speaking of books, I finished a novel a couple of weeks ago and started a review of it for the blog but still haven’t finished it. One of these days, I’ll get around to it. I could understand my lack of energy for writing the review if I didn’t like the book but I quite enjoyed it – a murder mystery set in Scotland by Val McDermid, the mind behind Wire in the Blood, a crime drama from the UK.

So so so happy its almost the weekend…


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I sincerely hope that nobody has taken you at your word and taken you out behind the barn to shoot you. Also that your cold has been nipped in the bud.

Milla said...

Please post about your swimming suit!
You know that for me it's always one big stress to buy one, but thankfully my own London (the city, that is) has plenty of choice. They type I have to buy (opposed to the type I would like to buy) cost a fortune, but in the end if the suit lasts 3 or 4 2-week trips to the seaside than it is money well spent.

S.M. Elliott said...

Hope you're still kicking that cold! I had a summer bug too, what's with all the summer plagues lately? We don't have it hard enough in the winter?

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