Monday, August 01, 2011
This weekend I broke down and bought myself a new pair of workout capris.  I'm feeling guilty for spending the money but I really needed new workout gear (my current capris are *gasp* probably 10 years old).  When looking at my budget, I'm rationalizing it by reminding myself they were 30% off at Sport Chek.   They're nothing fancy - just plain black Diadora yoga capris with a blue stripe around the waist.  The website says reversible.  I say pffttt.  Mom also picked up a pair of running shorts, a dark electric blue with lots of airholes for ventilation.  Her's were also on sale so we decided to celebrate by breaking them in with a nice long walk outside on Monday.

We both do a lot of walking, outside and in, so we wanted to spice things up and do a little crosstraining.  Stairs it is then.
Glenora Stairs - 202 steps
We headed out mid-afternoon and walked past Telus Field and along River Valley Road until we reached the Royal Glenora.  Even thoug it was my idea, when we got there and I got a good view of the stairs, I remembered why I don't climb them.  The Glenora stairs are probably the longest in the river valley with only the ones by the Hotel MacDonald even coming close to the same length.  However, we'd come this far already so we took a swig of water, snapped a photo, girded our loins, wrote our wills, and headed up.  The picture above doesn't really capture the full extent of the stairs.  If you look closely you can juuuuuust make out the final section at the very top.  Thankfully there are two small landings in the middle so we were able to pause and catch our breath.  It gave us a lot of encouragement to see all the healthy, skinny, althetic types in their Lululemon gear jogging up and down the staircase.  I hated them all.

The stairs end exit the river valley in the middle of Ezio Faraone park.
Constable Ezio Faraone park
Ezio Faraone was an Edmonton police officer who cornered two men after they'd just robbed a bank.  Apparently one man tried to surrender but the other shot Constable Faraone dead.  He died June 25, 1990.

We paused for a few minutes to stretch (damn those stairs are tough), sip some more water, and take a picture of the statue.  Without much argument, Mom agreed to walk across the high level bridge.  We debated stopping at the far end of the bridge for a cupcake or perhaps trying to find a place that sold ice cream but that would negate all the hard work we just did so we sipped our water and walked on. 
West side of High Level Bridge - looking south
As we climbed the hill at the south end of the bridge, we passed by these odd looking moptops.  They were growing on trees along the edge of the road.  Anyone know what they might be?  Personally they reminded me of The Gruesomes.
Tree mops?
Crossing 109 street, we headed down Walterdale Hill and towards home.  It was great to go down after those stairs!  And gravity certainly helped to propel us down the long hill.
Looking up Walterdale Hill
I ended up having the same side of my body facing the sunshine the entire time we were out.  There were no clouds in the sky and the sun was shining bright.  Thankfully we had a strong wind but I had forgotten to sunblock my ears or the back of my neck so we'll see what happens tomorrow.  No peeling, no peeling!  All in all, mom and I were out for about an hour and fifteen minutes and walked just shy of three miles.

The new capris? Definately broken in.  They were soft and comfortable - probably not designed for running/walking but they'll do.  They've certainly given me the boost I needed to really get into "race" mode.  October can't come soon enough - I'm really looking forward to walking in an organized event again.  So much so that I've convinced mom to sign up for another event, this time on January 1st.  Don't worry, its not a charity event so I won't be begging for money!  However, there's still time to donate to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation if you have a few spare bucks.  Every person who sponsors me will be entered into a draw for a box full of goodies including a pair of fabulous handmade mitts!


nwtrunner said...

Nice photos, nice account of your walk around places I ran around for many years back in early 1990s, and - just pledged your run site. All the best with the training - I remember well the Glenora stairs!

Karen said...

The river valley is one of the things I absolutely love about Edmonton. Even in winter, its a great place to wander.

Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for the donation! You realize you've just earned yourself a pair of mitts?! Email me your mailing address and I'll get started on them right away.

dalmatica (at) yahoo (dot) ca

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