The Final Countdown

Saturday, September 17, 2011
Its just 2 weeks now until the big 'race day'.  I'm not overly excited yet but its building.  Once I pick up our team shirts a few days before, then it will kick in. I had originally said that the contest would run until September 30th but since I'm no longer hounding y'all and the donations have dropped off, I'm cutting it short.  Realistically, I think I've hit up just about everyone I know.  I found a random number generator on the interwebbies, entered the number of donations I received ($50 donations received 2 entries) and clicked the button.

And the winner is...
The gift box goes to ... my very generous coworker "C".  He's getting a pair of my homemade mittens, a giant bag of licorice (he's a Twizzlers addict), probably some sort of Winnipeg Jets paraphernalia (his favourite team), some chocolates, a CIBC Run for the Cure notepad, and a gift card for one of the coffee shops near our office (yet another of his addictions).

I cannot express how grateful I am to all of you out there who donated to this cause by sponsoring me.  Your generousity has been overwhelming.  Thank you. 


Ben Ditty said...

You sound great to sponsor :)

Adrian Lee said...

You're very welcome. How can any red-blooded guy NOT respond to an appeal to 'Save the ta-ta's!' ;)
Good luck for the big day.

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