Saturday, September 10, 2011
I was all set to go swimming this week. So excited to take the new bathing suit out for its first test drive this morning but Mom broke the news to me last night that the pool was out of service until the 19th. The 19th? Yes, that means no swimming next weekend as well - not really sure why, probably just routine maintenance but I'm completely bummed regardless. Grrrrrrr. Oh well. 
The New Suit

Since we didn't have to leave early to head over to the pool and we were both up before the sun, we decided to head out for breakfast.  Nothing fancy just a diner (chain restaurant) for some bacon and eggs before going shopping for groceries.  After our weekly shop, we stopped at home, put everything away and headed over to the Kinsman. Although all the pools (except the outdoor one - I don't do outdoor pools) were closed, I still had to get my photo taken for my pass.  So, we slathered ourselves in suncreen (always protect your sensitive skin!!!) and headed over to the Kinsman.

The Walterdale Bridge
The lady who helped us was fantastic - I asked her if I was allowed to smile and make silly faces while she took my picture and said "sure!".  You know I just had to do it then.  Goofy smile and two thumbs up.  Yep, that's what my official swim pass picture looks like!  A quick peek around the pool area and then we were on our way again - Saturdays are soooo busy! 

Next stop - movie!  We caught the bus outside the Kinsman and headed back into downtown to see Contagion.  Thank you Airmiles for the movie tickets!
Bus Stop, Bus Goes, She Stays, Love Grows...
The movie was ... meh.  Not very exciting, no real connection to any of the characters and overall a bit boring.  If your looking for a virus gone mad sort of movie, I suggest you rent Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman.  Afterwards we walked home, going past the farmers' market.  It was just closing up for another week but we managed to snag some yellow beans (me) and limas (mom) from Khulmans. 

Bug Eyes and Smiley Pants
Mom and I are both feeling lazy, unmotivated (in spite of the urge to swim) and like the pounds are piling on again uncontrollably so we've made a few decisions.  Aside from not buying a fresh baked pie at the store this morning like we desperately wanted to, Mom has signed up for Curves, a women's fitness centre, and I am going to join Weight Watchers come next payday. 

I've been thinking of joining again for some time now (I had gone to a total of 3 meetings about 6 years ago).  Seeing my dietician 3 or 4 times a year is just not incentive enough and to be honest, as much as I like her, she's not hard enough on me.  I need some discipline.  I refuse to do one of those programs that make you buy/eat their processed food.  A lot of people have great success on them (including J2P3) but how many people fail when they eventually go back to real food?  And what are those prepackaged meals going to do to your health in the long run?  No, I just can't do it.  I'm giving WW a try for 2 months to see if I can stick with it, what the new program is like, and if I have any success.  I had considered the online version which is cheaper (always trying to save a buck) but I need to have the responsibility of going to meetings, weighing in and being accountable each week.

While looking around the interwebbies for some inspiration and healthy, delicious recipes, I came across Sheryl Yvette's blog.  Turns out she's on WW too.  And had great success.  Not to mention she's uber-cute!!!!  Like a 1940s pinup.  I love it.  On top of it all, she's funny and she rides around NYC on her Hello Kitty bike while wearing 4-inch heels.  What's not to like??!! 


Ben Ditty said...

I love ALL those things :-)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's an awfully cute bathing suit! I love the colours.

It's a shame that all the pools are closed. I guess if they schedule closures to coincide with school starting, they are bound to miss out on this unusually warm weather.

sp said...

Love the swim suit!

Kenlie said...

I love the swim suit and love Weight Watchers, and I think you'll love it too. I lost my first 100 pounds on their older Momentum program, and now I'm rocking points plus.

The meetings are awesome because they do provide accountability and support. Don't expect anyone to be hard on you though because they won't be. I don't think you need anyone coming down on you, but you do need a willingness to get up and go for it. And that willingness comes from within you. Put it into your weekly meeting and show up EVERY week, and you'll do great! I can't wait to hear about it!

Heather said...

You might try switching your diet around to follow a diabetic diet - high in whole grains and fiber, low-fat and limited red meat, moderation with carbs, good proteins and dairy. It's mostly a moderation game, with carb counting thrown in for good measure. We follow one because of dad, and I think mom and I really benefit from it, too.

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