Race Day!

Sunday, October 02, 2011
The Team:  Me, Chelsey, Jenn, Mommikins and Alicia
Well, it finally arrived - race day!  Here's our team, loaded up with coffee and, for some, an Egg McMuffin.  No Chelsey's not angry; she's just cold and hungry and really really wants to eat her McD's.  She may or may not also be hung over.  No comment.  And yes I'm also wearing my run shirt - its just hidden under my coat.  It was a wee bit nippy out this morning, possibly around 5 or 6 degrees with the threat of rain.  Thankfully the skies started to clear as we neared start time. 
My magic race socks, my giant feet, and my odd shaped knees.
There were over 9000 participants at the event in Edmonton this year.  Not too shabby.  Canadians raised over $30 million this year in support of breast cancer research, education and support programs.  Congratulations to my fellow Canuck runners/walkers. We are awesome.  Magic race socks help make some of us even more awesome.  Are you in awe of my awesomeness yet?
Alicia the Trini Princess and Jenny Jenn Poo Poo Pants
Chelsey, Jeff the token male, and more Alicia (she's everywhere!)
We didn't check out any of the booths prior to the start of the race - there were just tooooo many people crammed into a not quite big enough space.  Plus we noticed that everyone was dressed in much the same outfits:  white shirt, a splash of pink and black pants/shorts.  It was easy to lose track of the other team members.  However, some folks really stood out.  Take this guy for example...
Dude doesn't quite look like a lady
I'm guessing it was some sort of dare or a promise made in order to get more donations.  Good for him.  And he wasn't the only man in a dress although he gets top prize for being the best dressed and best looking.
We are family.

Start Line
The runners took off around 10ish (bye bye Jenn!) and the rest of us were supposed to head through the Chinatown Gate at 1020.  Half past and we were still standing there.  However, a few moments later the fire engine sounded its horn and we were off (some races have bells, we have hot firemen sending us on our way...yummm).
Is there any better reason?
Along the way we were cheered on by fantastic volunteers, people living along the route who came out to wish us well, the UofA Cheer team, an all-female pipe band and what had to be the entire student body from one of the local schools.  We also saw about the half the people around us sporting these bags but couldn't sort out where the had picked them up.  Not that I really wanted one but I loves me some free stuff.  I also like that one of the big sponsors this year was the Egg Farmers of Canada encouraging people to eat real food rather than energy bars, sports drinks, or fruit rollups.  Granted not everyone agrees about the health benefits of eggs but its a nice change.
A Crackin' Bag
I hope the rest of my team enjoyed it as much as Mom and I did (Jenn ran by herself and Mom and I lost Chelsey/Alicia before the race even began).  One step taken is one step closer to a cure.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

What an adorable crew! Congratulations on a race well run!

sp said...

Well done! The socks are fantastic!

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