Sunday, November 06, 2011
Another Saturday morning, another swim.  Last weekend, Mom and I tried Aqua Jogging for the first time.  Awesome.  We both loved it so much!  Our Saturday morning swims now involve 2 laps of actual swimming (various strokes) and 2 laps of jogging.  Its a great way to get in some exercise without feeling like you're really exercising (until you get out of the pool, that is!).  Plus we can jog side by side, talking and joking as we make our way very slowly from one end to the other.  First thing on Saturdays usually don't see a lot of individual lane swimmers at our pool but this weekend there were a few other women in the lanes to either side of us.  They all had great form; excellent swimmers.  It made me want to take lessons to improve my stroke and figure out how to breathe.

Today, after a whirlwind morning of vacuuming, laundry, and banana raisin bran muffin baking (delicious!), I hopped on the bike in our building's exercise room to log a few miles.  I had intended to watch one of the football games that seem to go all Sunday long during the late fall/early winter but the particular game I was hoping to finish watching (NY Jets vs Buffalo Bills) wasn't on the channels available (we have digital cable - the workout room has basic).  Instead, I flipped on the New York City Marathon coverage.  I watched as Mary Keitany of Kenya slowly lost her lead to, and then was overtaken by, a couple of Ethiopian runners, Firehiwot Dado (1st) and Buzunesh Deba (2nd).  No record breakers on the women's side this year but it was an emotional ending for all three.  On the men's side?  A fantastic finish - the top three men all broke the previous men's record (1st and 2nd - Kenyan's, 3rd - Ethiopian).  If you're interested, you can check out all the results on the Marathon's webpage.

I wasn't really interested at first; there was just nothing else on that I wanted to watch.  But I figured what the heck, if I get bored, I'll pop on my earphones and listen to music.  Within a few minutes I found I was focused so much on the race that I had slowed my pace on the bike!  I'm in awe of people that have the focus, determination, and will power to train for marathons.  Watching the women cross the finish line, I was almost in tears.  No, I'm not having an emotional breakdown thanks to the events of the past week (although Mom was worried); I cry when I watch the Olympics as well.  And sometimes professional sports.  I'm a wimp, what can I say?!

Watching the Marathon this morning certainly inspired me to think seriously about my walking.  I don't have any races planned for the immediate future.  I have thought about doing the St Patrick's Day race although I'm sure that FF#1 will be there.  We'll see.  However, I am seriously thinking once again about trying to finish the Edmonton ING Walking Half Marathon.  The flat course should nix those pesky knee problems brought on by the ups and downs of the river valley during my 1st attempt.  I'm not committing to anything at this time but I will definately be giving it a LOT of consideration.


sp said...

The pool sounds like so much fun.

The marathon is inspiring isn't it. I missed the NYC coverage! I totally forgot about it. Sounds like it was very exciting. I would have been weepy too.

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