Friday, November 11, 2011
Today, I finally got to have lunch with the lovely Kasia.  We've been making plans and having to cancel or postpone our lunch date for about 2 months (!) so this was a treat.  Settling on a date/time was the easy part; trying to find a half-decent spot that was approximately midway between both of our offices? Almost impossible.  However, we eventually settled on Boston Pizza, a family restaurant chain that we knew would be quick despite the huge lunchtime office crowds.

I'm not normally a fan of the restaurant but knew I could find something on the menu.  The pasta was out - everytime I've had it, its been mushy and unappetizing.  The pizza?  Not bad but overpriced in a city where you can get a superior pizza for next to nothing.  I was tempted by the Buffalo Chicken sandwich but the meat was breaded and deep fried and I didn't feel like attempting to get them to change it and risk having it come out wrong.  I was torn between their Baja Salad and the Chicken Stromboli.  After seeing the state of their side sized garden salad with the wilty inedible looking lettuce, I'm glad I went with the stromboli.
Stromboli or Calzone? You decide.
Now, I'm not sure what the difference between a stromboli and a calzone is; they seem to be the same thing to me but just with different names.  Perhaps someone out there can enlighten me??  Anyways, this pizza-like sandwich was filled with cheese, peppers, onions, chicken and a bit of sauce and wrapped in a whole wheat, crispy crust.  I enjoyed it more than I expected but there was very little sauce inside making it very dry.  I ended up asking for a side dish of it for dipping.  Perhaps that's the difference - calzones have sauce (more pizza-like) while the stromboli has more filling/less sauce?  Either way it was pretty good and filled me up nicely.

Kasia went with one of BP's signature dishes, the Perogy Pizza.  Its been on the menu for as long as I can remeber, going back to my university days.  Its something I've always wanted to try but was wary of - perogies and pizza?  Those two things just don't go together, right?  Wrong.  OMG this was one of the most heavenly dishes, combining two of my favourite foods into one heart attack-inducing meal.  Pizza dough, thinly sliced potatos, cheese, sour cream, onions and bacon.  Kasia gave me a slice to try but I wish I had waited until my stromboli was finished.  After the small slice of perogy pizza, my stromboli just didn't measure up.  I highly recommend you give the perogy pizza a try if you ever find yourself in Boston Pizza


mister anchovy said...

A few years ago I asked the question over at my place...what's the difference between calzone, stromboli and panzerotti and I received many answers, none of which clarified anything for me. I suspect it may be a regional thing.

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