Thursday, November 10, 2011
Now that the cool late fall winds have picked up, at times howling loudly outside my window while I try to sleep, the urge to get outside more has hit me once again.  Funny how I tend to avoid going outside in the summer with the sunshine and daylight but come winter, I'm eager to run around in the cold and darkness.  Unfortunately, with mom working nights and me days, I'm not about to go out by myself when I get home.  Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, the sun is setting just as I leave work and while I'm always happy to promote the joys of our River Valley trail system, I will not walk in the dark by myself.  Paranoid perhaps but better safe than assaulted and left for dead in the bushes.  I'm looking forward to long walks on the weekends once more though... I just wish we had snow so I could hear the crunch crunch crunch under my feet.

So, during the week, I relegate myself to our treadmill on days I work out.  Typically I'll walk at a brisk pace (3/3.1 mph) for 50 minutes to an hour.  If I'm feeling especially energetic, I'll throw in a bit of hill work.  In any other circumstance, I hate sweating.  Its icky and I feel gross.  But when I'm walking, riding the bike, or on the elliptical?  Bring it on!  Sweat is good.

Preworkout - sans sweat.  I apologize for my shaggy sides, time for a head shave.
This hasn't been a great week for me; it hasn't been bad but points wise, I've used up everything as usual.  I have a few activity points yet but I'll probably use those up as I'm having lunch with Kasia today.  Since I left my last job and she's moved on to a better position, we don't see each other often.  This makes me a bit sad - she's good people.  It should be an interesting lunch as I'll be catching her up on all that's going on in my life these days.

Speaking of not having a great week, I'm an emotional eater.  I've said it many times.  And yet, I had no desire to eat chips, order pizza, or oink out on chocolate despite given the drama involving FF#1 and #2 last week and this past weekend.  It was so refreshing.  And it re-enforced the feeling that it was the right decision.  However, work was another story.  Beginning on Monday with a frenzy of activity, the downward office spiral continued with piles and piles of urgent requests piled up on my desk.  Yesterday, I started at 7:20am and worked straight through until noon without even a bathroom break.  I'm hoping today will be a little quieter but I'm not going to hold my breath.

As a result, I have not eaten very well.  Not terribly but all those little things tend to add up after a while.  Thankfully I've eaten some really great dishes too - the mini balsamic glazed meatloaves, chicken with tomatoes and spinach over couscous, and one of my favourite ways to eat veggies:  roasted!

Roasted carrots, nugget potatoes, onions, grape tomatoes and green pepper with Greek herbs. I DO NOT SHARE.

What's your favourite way to eat your veggies?


mister anchovy said...

I love roast veggies, and grilled veggies too.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I don't have one favourite way to eat veggies, but roasted root veggies are certainly yummy. I'm also a fan of slipping spinach into almost anything.

Adrian Lee said...

Steamed! And a fraction underdone for maximum flavour and maximum goodness. But potatoes... they have to be roasted!

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