Thursday, November 17, 2011
Edmonton is currently under a winter storm warning - 15 cm (6 inches) of snow expected by tomorrow morning and strong winds blowing it all over the place.  Please don't think me too much of a freak when I say I'm in heaven!  I loves it.  Now it really feels like November.  October should be windy, cloudy, and have multicoloured leaves floating all over the place and crunching under your feet.  Come November though, bring on the snow...  Its a wonder really that I have any friends at all with an attitude like that. 
Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...in my cubicle.
"Braving" the wintery weather, I headed over to my WW meeting after work tonight.  I missed last week (long story) and have not eaten as well as I should have for the past two so I was not looking forward to this weigh-in.  Sure enough, the lady before me had a big weight loss so my results were going to look even worse when I stepped onto the scale.  As the numbers stopped changing, all I could say was "SHUT UP".  I lost almost 2 lbs.  Apparently its a good thing to throw in a Big Mac, a slice of pizza, and a few too many sodas now and then! 
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
I'm chalking up this week's happy loss to my activity level.  Starting last weekend,  I had a huge surge of energy (from where? I have no idea) and started using the bike and elliptical more regularly.  Also, one of my coworkers and I have started going for a short mid-afternoon walk.  Just a 10 minute stroll in the area near our building but that little bit of fresh air does wonders for my energy level the rest of the afternoon.  Plus it helps work off the licorice you gulped down earlier!

On tap for this weekend (I have a 4 day weekend!), a mix of swimming, treadmill, bike, and elliptical; trying to finish knitting Christmas mittens for both Mom and I; and baking.  I had to set up a schedule for my holiday baking otherwise I'd never get it done.  This weekend will be lemon shortbread and pumpkin raisin cookies.  Mmmmmmm.

What are your plans this weekend?


mister anchovy said...

Some areas of Ontario have had a little snow, and today there were flurries on the outskirts of town. The dogs loved the drop in temperatures and even Miss Ellie Mae was running around playing in the park this evening.

Adrian Lee said...

Have a rare weekend off myself so off with wife & 6yr old daughter to the coast at Hunstanton. Its still around 11oC over here during the day and there always plenty to do at the seaside even in winter.
Good luck with the exercise and the snow.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good job on upcoming your exercise levels. Obviously it is paying off!

We've had some snow over the past few days, but I've really only had to shovel a couple of times.

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