Sunday Dinner

Sunday, November 06, 2011
It may not be your typical football fare but tonight I had a hankering for a hunk of meatloaf.  My folks made meatloaf a few times when I was a kid but my mom's not a huge fan.  Dad? Oh yeah baby.  Guess who I get most of my taste buds (and just about everything else about me) from?  So, while watching the first half of the Giants/Patriots game (damn you New England), I whipped up the hearty (and delicious!) dinner you see pictured below.

Steamed broccoli with just a teaspoon of melted Jalapeno TexMex Cheez Whiz (yes, I realize its probably closer to plastic wrap than actual cheese but its yummy!), 2 small nugget potatoes with a dash of butter and dill, and an individual balsamic-glazed meatloaf.  I've made the meatloaf recipe before with great results but I felt like I outdid myself this time... the key?  Extra balsamic in the glaze.  Just saying...

To make the mini/individual sized loaves, I scooped about half a cup of the meat mixture into a jumbo muffin tin (the one with 6 muffins) and cooked it for 25 minutes, added the glaze and then another 10 minutes. 

Excuse me now; must give in to the meatloaf coma that is threatening to overtake me....


mister anchovy said...

I like meatloaf. I make it the way my mom did, and sometimes I even make it on the bbq. I especially like meatloaf sandwiches the next day. Total comfort food.

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