An Update

Sunday, November 06, 2011
Although I mentioned it, I want to re-iterate that I kicked off the whole situation; I'm not blameless.  And, because I'm one of those folks who just HAVE to have the last word, I rose to the bait and responded to their snarky accusatory comments with equally snarky (although I believe less finger-pointy) comments of my own.  When the situation resulted in the receipt of an email from Former Friend #2 on Friday which was so out of control that it made me laugh, I decided it was time to stop responding.  It was over, quits, kapoot.  Call it taking the high road if you like; I just realized there was no point in responding to any of FF #2's further accusations and name calling. If I did, it was going to get extremely ugly and I honestly don't care enough anymore about either of them to bother going there.  Thinking the situation over and done with, I went on with my life.  For all of about 12 hours.  When I awoke on Saturday and checked my email, I saw that Former Friend #1 had sent me one of the longest bitchiest outrageous emails I had ever seen. 

Without going into detail, it basically outlined how horrible of a friend I had been for most of our friendship, that I was the most selfish** person she had ever known, and that I was essentially a big fat liar.  My first reaction was to respond to each of her detailed examples and fill in the details that she conveniently forgot or left out.  Instead, I sent her a short message wondering why she hadn't bothered to discuss any of this with me over the course of our relationship.  How did she expect me to change or fix the problem if I didn't know there was one?  Heck, from the sounds of you, you'd think they'd be grateful I am no longer part of their lives.  It sounds like I was one of the worst people ever to walk the streets of Edmonton.

The only other comment I made to her was in response to her (and FF #2's) accusations that I'm a liar.  True, I lie.  Most of us do.  But if you're going to call me a liar, make sure its for something I've actually lied about.  The situation I supposedly fibbed about was, in fact, not a lie at all.  I made sure to point this out to FF #1.  Ooops, there I go - trying to get the last word in again.  It was a very short response, especially given the one I received from her.  I ended by telling her she could reply if she wanted but that I was done and would likely just delete anything further from her.

Unfortunately we still have one small tie - a sports pool I'm running that she's taking part in.  I've told her to send me her mailing address and I will return her money as I felt this was for the best.  Yes, that's right I don't know her address.  You see, in the approx. three years we were friends, I was never once invited to her apartment.  Hmmm, that's interesting.

**For the record, I'm the first person to admit I'm selfish. I say it all the time, including numerous times to her and FF#2.


Heather said...

After you do that, probably would be best to set up a filter and let any further emails from her be deleted without you seeing them. It can't be good for your blood pressure, otherwise!

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