Sunday, December 11, 2011
This weekend marked the start of the family festivities this holiday season.  Mom and I invited the niece and nephew over for the afternoon to make pizzas, decorate a gingerbread house and watch a movie.  Not only did we get to spend a wonderful afternoon with the kidlets, their parents got a break to do some shopping and spend some time sans children.

Thankfully we opted for a pre-made house with icing and a few fixings included.  Of course, these sorts of packages always come with crap candy so we rounded out the decorating options with M&M's, blue raspberry gummies, silver balls, and sour jujubes in holiday colours. 

I was responsible for the pretzel fence.

The kids LOVED it so we will definately do it again next year.  Pizza was also a big hit although the kids like theirs plain - cheese only.  Mom and I, however, loaded up on salami, pineapple and zucchini.  Mmmmm.

Next up, movie time!  We went with Home Alone as it seemed age appropriate with lots of physical comedy the kids would enjoy.  The nephew however wasn't feeling too festive and asked us to call Mom and Dad to take him home early.  The niece stayed for another couple of hours though and really enjoyed the movie.  While we waited for her dad to come and pick her up, the three of us watched a special on the Ironman Championships.  The niece was fascinated and had a lot of questions about everything from why they do it, how long does it take, and where are they ... to ... how can that man run when he's got no legs,why are they falling down, and how do they know what flag to give them?

Yes, it was a great afternoon.

Next up?  Mom's birthday lunch next Saturday.


mister anchovy said...

That looks like fun!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What a great way to spend the day! The gingerbread house is charming, and I think the pretzel fence is particularly clever. Have you considered becoming a designer?

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