Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Saturday, December 03, 2011
As if on cue, it was snowing when I woke up this morning and it continued to snow most of the day, turning Edmonton (once again this season) into a winter wonderland.  That makes me a happy camper.
See?  Happy...although I'm not camping.
Swimming is off for the rest of December - next week the niece and nephew are coming over for the afternoon to decorate a gingerbread house, make pizzas and watch Home Alone.  The following week, mom's birthday.  And then...whammo!  The fat man arrives.  So, since I was up early (big surprise) anyways, I hit the "gym".  60 minutes on the stationary bike.  Not a lot of calories burned compared to some other activities but it felt great.  Grocery shopping and then we were home to put up the Christmas tree and stockings.  All before 9 am.  Yeah, we're efficient.

O Tannenbaum - 2011 version
Our tree is covered in gold, green and red ornaments this year, along with white lights that are attached to it.  Prelit trees?  Brilliant Idea.  Next year, we're hoping to get a larger tree - one that doesn't need to sit on an end table!  And we're thinking we'll do blue and silver ornaments but that's over a year away... 

Things have been good lately.  Work is going well.  The baking is on schedule.  All that's left is M&M cookies for the kids' Christmas presents, which I might do tomorrow, and pie crust cinnamon rolls but those get baked right before I need them.  One batch before I hand out cookies at work, another on Christmas Eve so I can give the entire batch to Big Brother, and another batch on Christmas morning for mom and I to enjoy.  Also on Christmas day, a devil's food cake with Baileys to take over to Big Brother's for everyone to enjoy after turkey time.  And if I feel overly energetic, I might whip up another batch of the pumpkin raisin cookies that everyone seemed to love.  We'll see.  That's a lot of baking.  Good thing I started in November...

Former Friend #1 and I have spoken on the phone a couple of times this past week.  No, we're not reconciling or begging for each other to be friends once again; she's moved and has no internet access yet.  She's in the football pool I'm overseeing and needed to give me her picks.  It was all very cordial, almost friendly.  Its strange; I got off the phone with her and realized that people listening to our conversation would have no clue that we'd had a major falling out. After having some time to reflect on what happened, I'm very grateful.  Not that I'm no longer friends with her or FF#2; I'm grateful for what the whole situation has done for me.  Looking back on what she said about me and I said about them, it occurred to me that neither of us seemed to feel we could be honest with the other.  A friend should be someone you share things with without feeling judged, attacked, or questioned.  For whatever reason, I felt I couldn't honestly tell her that I didn't want to go out or do certain things just because I didn't feel like it or want to.  And she couldn't tell me that she thought I was being selfish.  We both did things over the course of our friendship that we convinced ourselves were to spare the others' feelings but in the end it was only more hurtful when it all eventually boiled to the surface.  Going forward, I don't want that type of relationship.  With anyone.  Sure, its ok to tell a little white lie for the small, unimportant things:  why yes, I did enjoy the dinner you made; fake vanilla scented candles, what a thoughtful gift.  That sort of thing.  But if you find yourself making excuses as to why you can't go out or not speaking up about the relationship feeling one sided?  That's not healthy.  At least in my opinion.

Anyways, enough of soul searching! 

So, one more week of WW.  I won't be continuing with the meetings/weigh-ins.  Firstly, I can't afford it.  Secondly, it feels a bit odd to pay just to get weighed once a week.  I'm not attending the meetings as I don't feel I'm getting anything out of them and I find the group leader to be self-centred, loud and a bit annoying.  In the 12 weeks I've been "on the plan", I've lost a total of 5lbs.  Not great but not bad either.  I wasn't as strict as I probably should have been according to their philosophy but life happens.  I'm still going to keep track of what I'm eating and make a concerted effort to ditch the soda 'cept for special occasions (dinner out / movies).  Over the last year and a bit, I've lost a total of 19lbs, 3/4 of which was on my own.  If I can just get off my butt now and then instead of playing around on the interwebbies after sitting on my butt at work all day... I might actually lose a bit more!

One final Yippee - I went shopping for pants yesterday.  Not normally a big deal for most people but I hate clothes shopping.  However, all of my pants fall down even with a belt and I needed to try and find a pair that fits.  So, I headed to the mall.  Not only did I find numerous pairs that fit, the pair I eventually settled on was on sale for twenty bucks, no alterations needed (as far as I can tell), I don't need a belt AND they were a size smaller than all my other pants.  I haven't worn this size of pants since I was in high school / first year university.  I almost cried.  So yes, that deserves a big YIPPEE if I do say so myself.

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You sure are doing things right! How you are managing to lose weight while doing (and being around) all that baking is the stuff legends are made of. Just for you, I shall not curse this snow I now have to go shovel.

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