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Thursday, December 29, 2011
I am not making any "resolutions" this year.  They don't work.  And why do we feel the need to only make them at the turn of the calendar?  Is there something magical about the flipping from December 31st to January 1st that ensures promises made will actually come true?  Bah!  Humbug. 

This is not to say I don't have goals for myself for 2012.  Yeah, yeah, I hear you ... "Its the same thing, London", you're yelling at me as you read this.  Perhaps to some but not to me.  Just using the word resolution gets my back up.  It signifies promises to myself that are made to be broken.  I will not do that this year.  Instead, I have some general guidelines that I want to live by over the next 12 months.

Its no secret that I don't have many close friends. Plenty of acquaintances, sure; a few friends; 1 or 2 people I consider "close". If the recent end of my friendship with Former Friend (FF)1 and FF2 has taught me anything, its that everyone (including myself) can use some improvement. I'd like to let go of some of my selfishness (I freely admit, its all about me!) and find someone to hang with with whom I can truly be myself - open, honest, warts and all. Someone who will add something to my life in a positive way. As much as I love her, its a bit sad that I'll be 40 in just over a year and I hang out with my mom (wuv you Mommikins).

Speaking of new friends, I'd like to have a date. Its been a while since I've had an actual date and I'm embarassed to mention how long its been since I've dated someone (as in see them regularly). I'm not looking for Mr. Right or the future Mr. London's Fog; it would just be nice to out for coffee/a movie/dinner/a walk/etc. with a member of the opposite sex who I'm not related to...

Hey look...I'm reading!
Too much of my time is spent mindlessly staring at the television or kicking some serious ass in Civilization IV.  Not very productive and I'm sure its wreaking havoc on my brain, my posture, my waistline, and my social life.  I have a library card; I should start getting my $12 worth each year!  I have a specific goal in mind for the year but I'm keeping it to myself (relax, its nothing exciting) so as to not put too much pressure on myself.  However, I'm going to encourage myself to read everyday, and not just for work or the credits on the screen.

Along with the reading, there'll be more knitting in my future.  I have committed to making a pair of mitts for our work football pool (if someone's team wins the Superbowl) but on top of that, I'd like to do a pair for Big Brother, Super Duper SIL, and then a bunch for charity.  Twelve pairs total should be doable.  And, if I have the time and resources, I'd like to make a blanket.  Nothing super fancy but something I can either give to a friend or donate to charity.

TREAT MY BODY LIKE A TEMPLE (and learn to pray!)
If I hadn't been able to figure it up to this point, the recent holidays certainly made it crystal clear that I have not treated myself well.  Sure, we all indulge at this time of the year but I've gone off the deep end.  Those pounds I managed to lose during my short time on Weight Watchers?  Back on and then some.  No idea of the amount as I'm no where near a scale but I can tell by how I feel and how my clothes fit that I've not been a good girl this year.  I won't be rejoining WW as I just can't afford it - my spare $$$ needs to go towards paying off bills - but my goal is to be more conscious of what I eat.  Whether this means tracking daily or just eating healthier options (more real food), or perhaps both, I'm not sure just yet.  What I am sure of is that I need to be kinder to myself, be grateful for all the things my body is able to do, and push it to try things I didn't think it could.

Mom and I have already registered for the St. Patrick's Day walk/run in March, the race I was supposed to run with FF1 last year but couldn't because I broke my big toe (again).  We've set ourselves a goal for this year and this race is step 1.  No fund raising for us for this race; I'll be saving my requests for later in the year.  Along with eating better, we're both going to be increasing our activity levels.  The swimming hasn't happened for most of December due to holiday commitments but we're going this weekend and I'm sure we'll both realize very quickly how lazy we've become.  As I had mentioned in previous posts, I've started "running" again.  Its going very slowly which I'm perfectly fine with but I'm still doing it and that makes me feel good.

While aimlessly searching the interwebbies yesterday, I came across a blog where I found this video of Jack Lalanne in which he compares sugar addicts to alcoholics.  My Coca-Cola addiction (and it is) could easily be compared to that of a crack addict.

Seems not a lot has changed since he first made this video.  Lalanne advocated eating natural, unprocessed foods, exercise, and healthy living.  In this video, he encourages viewers to abstain from 11 "foods" for just a week and promises they will feel better.  Seeing as how I've set myself a goal of treating myself better, I'm going to follow his advice and avoid his 11 "foods" for a week beginning Sunday.  Now, yes, I realize that Sunday is New Year's Day, the day most people start their "resolutions".  However, its also the start of the week which is why I'm choosing that day.

I'm warning you...number 11 on his list is Soda Pop.  Withdrawl could be a bit of a bitch so if I start ranting and raving like a lunatic somewhere around day 3, please be patient.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You've obviously given your non-resolutions a considerable amount of though, probably more than a lot of people who actually DO make resolutions. I hope all goes well for you in 2012.

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