Wednesday, December 07, 2011
Woke up at the usual time (a time some people go to bed...) today and discovered one of the little kittehs had gotten sick beside the Christmas tree. None of the furry little babies owned up to it so I have to assume it was this guy.

For some reason, after taking care of the mess, I had a huge amount of energy so I decided to get a quick workout in.  Hopped on the treadmill, popped in the earphones and off I went.  Another day of trying to run - 7 sets of run 1 minute/walk 2 minutes.  Awe-some.  I almost blew it though; I started off by running too fast on my first set and was sure that I had over-estimated the amount of energy I actually had.  However, I slowed it down for the next set and all was groovy.  Interestingly enough, I seem to gain more energy as I go along and my speed increased a little with each minute of running.  I don't pretend to understand the how or why; I'm just going to accept it.  Today's workout was 30 minutes (I added on a few minutes of walking at the end) for a total distance of 1.52 miles.  Slow and steady. 

The renewed interest in running has been partially fuelled thanks to reading a number of my fave running blogs, the authors of which ALL seem to have spent the weekend in Vegas running the Rock'n'Roll half marathon. As you know, I didn't finish my first half marathon (walking) attempt and its something I want to achieve.  Reading all the great race reports has inspired me to try once more.  Mom and I already have potential plans to possibly attempt the Edmonton Derby Half once again but deep in my heart, some day I'd like to run one (and finish!).

After my "run" (I love saying that) and a much needed shower, I was famished. Lunch will be a buffet at our staff Christmas party so I didn't want to go tooooo overboard.  I settled on what I like to call "apple-pie oatmeal".  I thought I had blogged about it before but a quick search revealed nothing.  Quick cook oats buried under a layer of Granny Smith apples sauteed in cinnamon and brown sugar.  Finish it off with a splash of cream and I'm in oatmeal heaven. 

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun.  Well, it actually began for me a while ago but the luncheon this afternoon kicks off the festivities.  The niece and nephew are coming over this weekend, I'm delivering cookies, cards and presents to the work folks on Monday, the following weekend is Mom's birthday, then my work team's holiday lunch and gift exchange and finally ... the jolly fat man drops off presents under our tiny tree.  The kitties have already got me to purchase a gift for me from them, and then made me wrap it.  Not sure what it is but it feels like a tennis racket disguised as a bottle of booze.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are a Christmas machine! Enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Wandering Coyote said...

I'm so proud of you keeping up with the workouts! Go you!

Wandering Coyote said...

Also, love the card you use on the treadmill to remind you of your intervals - genius. I should try that, too!

Karen said...

ooops! The title should have read Wednesday...

Barb: The funny thing is, I don't tend to eat my baking. One or two cookies but the rest is given away. However, I'm enjoying the fun times this holiday!

Thanks Allyson! I have to have that sheet there otherwise I'd forget what I was doing. I made a mistake though - it should be 14 not 15 in the middle column. Are you running?

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