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Monday, January 09, 2012
At this time last year, we had a couple feet of snow and temperatures were hovering anywhere from -20C to -30C.  I snapped this photo exactly one year ago today.
What a difference a year makes
Now?  We've had one, maybe two significant snowfalls which have amounted to a whole lotta nothing thanks to daytime temperatures staying on the plus side of zero and barely falling below zero overnight.  Whatever snow we've received has mostly melted and it feels springlike outside.  One local gardener is even harvesting greens!  In January!  In Edmonton!  WTF is going on?  Stupid global warming.  Hrmp.  I know most people would think I'm crazy but I miss winter.  I want snow.  Cold weather.  Blizzards.  Weather that requires scarves, mittens, parkas and heavy warm sweaters.  I shouldn't complain, right?  It'll happen soon enough...I hope.

I'm trying out something new - a regular feature over on Kenlie's blog, All The Weigh.  Its called Friend Making Monday.  From what I can tell, its designed to get to know your readers, make new contacts, let your readers learn a bit more about you, etc...  Since I was looking at ways of increasing my readership, I figured why not.  So, without further ado, here I go.

1) What is one of your favorite ways to spend a Saturday?
Curled up on the couch, under a cozy blanket, with a cat on my lap, watching a great football game, listening to the wind/snow/rain whipping against the window.

2) List your top three favorite TV shows.
A tough one: Real Time with Bill Maher, Project Runway, Big Bang Theory 

3) Would you rather be in pictures or take them?
I prefer to take them.  I like my self portraits but its rare for someone else to take a photo of me that I think makes me look good.  Besides I don't want to look at photos of myself.

4) Why do you blog?
There are a lot of reasons.  To keep myself accountable, as a record for myself of what's gone on in my life, to share useless bits of internet gossip and time wasting videos of cats playing pianos, etc.  I also like thinking what I have to say is important enough for a few people to want to read regularly.

5) Share five websites that you visit regularly…
Blogs, blogs, blogs

6) If you could have lunch with one person from your Twitter list who would it be?
 Just one? It would be a toss up between @lectio, @wanderingcoyote, and @badtemperedzombie.  These ladies are three of the most interesting and entertaining people I've ever had the pleasure to know.  They're my oldest blog buddies and I haven't met either of them.

7) List a few of your favorite snacks.
An ice cold Coke and a bowl of popcorn is right up there.  Sliced granny smith apples and a chunk of cheddar is pretty nice as well.  And I'm not one to turn down a decent pastry.

8 ) Do you have a pet? If so, what kind?
Two cats - Anubis and Nero.  However, we always had a dog when I was growing up and I miss having a big pooch to walk and cuddle on the couch with.

9) Which three material possessions would you struggle to live without?
An underwire bra, my toothbrush, extra soft toilet paper.

10) What’s your favorite drink?
Alcoholic:  Strongbow Cider / Non Alcoholic:  Coca Cola

11) Do you enjoy cooking?
Have you read my blog?  Indeed I do.  Not a great baker but I love trying new recipes and experimenting.  I'm usually accompanied by on my mini-Lego men who are always getting in the way and demanding treats.  Yes, I'm an adult who gives toys personalities and voices.  Don't judge me.

12) Do you have children?
Nope.  I love kids but I have no plans on popping anything that big out of my hoo-hoo.

13) What are your favorite hobbies? 
Reading, movies, knitting, photography.  LOVE watching sports on TV, just about anything really, and the occasional live event is nice too.

14) Would you consider yourself to be shy or outgoing?
Definately shy around new people but as soon as I feel comfortable, I'm saucy, sassy and sarcastic.

15) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?
It would definately be a life without PCOS and one with hair. Alas, what can you do.  Things could be a lot worse.

16) Who is your favorite actor/actress?
I don't really have any - I don't care that much.

17) What’s the coolest thing you’ve done this week? 
Its only Monday - I was supposed to do something cool already?!

18) Do you live near your family or far from them?
A bit of both.  Half of my immediate family lives in the same city, the other half live a few hours away.  The extended family however is on the other side of the country - that's what you get for growing up in the military.

19) List three of your talents.
I give great hugs/snuggles, can bake killer banana cranberry bran muffins, and am not a bad photographer.

20) What is your greatest attribute?
Possibly the world's best listener.

If you'd like to join all us cool kids, answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Feel free to invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen and heard.


Wandering Coyote said...

Here's mine!

Jodi said...

Most definitely a Corrie fan... been once since I was very young! (like5!)
One of my bucket list activities is to get to London and tour the country side -- then make my way to Corrie St -- and Emmerdale.
Love the names of your cats! very unique! will be back to visit again soon! (may be the closest I get to London! LOL)

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

hahaha, answer to number 12 was hilarious.
I love the kitty names.
Ah, the makeup collection has taken a while and is actually small for what I've seen out there, believe me LOL...I'm trying to control myself and not buy anything.

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