The Great Cracker Conundrum

Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Yesterday, I had one of those light bulb moments and I wasn't too pleased with myself.  I've been trying to track my food just as I did while on Weight Watchers in the fall, entering the points for food, writing down what I've been eating, etc.  For snacks to take to work, I had bought myself a box of Sour Cream and Chive crackers.  I knew they weren't going to "low" anything but it was a treat and I was going to stick to the suggested serving size.  Well, the serving size is only eight crackers and they're smaller than your average saltine. But I did it.  I tracked them, wrote down my points, and ate them.  Then all of a sudden, after a week of snacking on them, I realized what I was doing.  Those measly eight crackers cost three points.  Doesn't sound like a lot, right?  Well, it is when you're only allowed 29 points each day. 

Why on earth was I wasting my precious points on EIGHT crackers?  It was so not worth it.  For the same points I can have an english muffin.  Or a mini can of Coke.  Or a small homemade apple cinnamon scone I made this weekend.  All would provide me with more enjoyment, more mouth pleasure (don't be sick) than those eight crackers.  I was chatting with a coworker about the cracker conundrum this morning and it just kept hitting me how much I'd wasted on those little bite-sized crackers.  Is this the whole point of WW?  Those light bulb moments that make you realize what an absolute tool you've been?  If so, then I'm a convert.  The remaining half box of crackers?  In the trash.

But now I'm in a pickle, so to speak.  What do I do about snacks?  I already take veggies and fruit.  I'm looking for something starchy, crunchy, carb-y, salty.  The Salt and Vinegar Crispers are still staying in my repetoire (I get twice as many as the crackers for the same points) although in moderation.  However, I'm taking suggestions for other ideas.  Note, I have a sensitivity to many nuts so I don't generally eat them.

Pop, pop...pop, popcorn
Today, I made airpopped popcorn.  With a little drizzle of saltfree margarine and a sprinkle of salt (this way I control the amount), it seemed like the perfect snack.  And when I made it, it was.  However, by the time I ate it three hours later, it tasted a bit ... dry.  Not quite old but not fresh.  I'm considering getting one of those shakers of popcorn seasoning to put on it instead of butter and salt but that runs the risk of ingesting bucketloads of sodium; not a good idea considering this is the year of heart health.

What do you snack on?


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I like the taste of crackers but stopped eating them a while ago, simply because they are too processed and have too many additives.

I don't plan my snacks, but since I work from my house, I just rummage the fridge if I feel like snacking. Spoiled, I know!

Ben Ditty said...

My friend has an air popper. It tastes so much better than microwaved.

Heather said...

I go with a stove-top popper, which yes, does use oil...but you can use canola oil, which isn't all that bad (or olive oil, if you want to be fancy). There are some really decent toppings...they are a bit high in sodium, but they seem to do a really good job of adding flavour. And the popcorn is once or twice a week (tons of fibre, but a lot of carb, I think).

Have you thought about a couple of Dad's Oatmeal Cookies? The ones with the chocolate chips in them? About 160 calories for two, but they'll hold you a bit longer, appetite wise.

Allison said...

I snack on a lot of seeds, pumpkin or sunflower have been my drug of choice lately. Also hummus and carrots.

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