Missed a Day!

Saturday, January 21, 2012
Ooops!  I had every intention of blogging yesterday and never got around to it.  Oh well, one missed day this month isn't too bad.  I'm not going to beat myself up over it.  Its just blogging after all!

I started taking Flaxseed oil yesterday.  No noticable difference in my skin yet but hey, its only bben two days.  After I bought a big bottle of pills, a coworker said that he had just talked to his local health food store about it the day before and was told not to bother with the pills - he said its more beneficial to use the oil.  Crap on a cracker.  Oh well, we'll see how this goes anyways.  Anyone else out there take Flaxseed? Notice any benefits to your skin????  Anyone?

Ever want to increase the viewers/visitors to your Flickr site?  Easy peasy - join a group.  Or 6.  Yesterday, feeling a bit "non-busy" at work, I started looking up groups, joining a few, and adding some of my own photos to their lineups.  Within seconds (not kidding!) people were viewing my photos, favouriting them, and commenting.  A LOT of people.  Holy schmoleys.

I'm currently working my way through the entire series of X-Files, including the movies, and I just finished season 2.  How could so many weird, life threatening, bizarre things happen to the same people!  Surely any sane person would have given up long ago. There are a few episodes that I've seen before but most are completely new to me.  One thing I remember most was how much I had a crush on Alex Krycek (played by Canadian actor, Nicolas Lea) towards the end of the series when I actually started watching it semi-regularly.  Now?  He looks so young.  I'm actually noticing how hot Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) is...  Jody the Non Blogger probably already realized this long ago but Mitch Pileggi played Horace Pinker in the 1989 horror flick Shocker.  OMG.  Memories come flooding back.  Mainly about how bad that movie was and what a terrible actor Pete Berg is.

Big Brother, Super Duper Sister in Law, and Mommikins took me for a belated birthday lunch today.  Original plans were to make our first visit to Padmanadi, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant here it town that always gets great reviews.  After being seated and checking out their brunch menu, I was all set on ordering their banana coconut french toast.  However, both the kids couldn't find anything on the menu they wanted and were already having a bad day.  Big Bro didn't look too excited about it either but would have stuck it out.  We all decided however that we'd go somewhere else where we could all get something to eat.  A bit disappointing but completely understandable.  I'd rather have a mediocre meal with smiling, happy family, than a fantastic meal with a couple of mini grumpy gusses.  The venue change was just what the doctor ordered - we ended up at Boston Pizza.  The food?  Mediocre but the company?  Wonderful!  At various times, we were all dancing in our seats to the eclectic mix of 80s, 90s, and early 00's music blaring out of the speakers.  True to form, Mom, niece and SIL ALL ordered the same seafood laden pasta dish.  I was surrounded!

Afterwards, we parted ways and Mom and I ended up at the mall.  I had a big list of shopping I wanted to accomplish and we made a valiant effort.  I didn't come away with any new shirts (I wanted at least one-, possibly two) but I snagged a sports bra (with underwire, yay Addition Elle!), new pillows, new shoes for work (yay Clarks!), a foam thingy for my bed, and yarn for a hat I'm knitting.

Its been a long day - I am exhausted.  Pretty sad considering its just 730.  Perhaps I'll try and read for a little while before testing out my new pillows and foamy thingy.  Night night y'all.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

That was very valiant of you to take the change of lunch menu without complaint. I would have been sorely disappointed, as I am not a BP fan.

Several years ago, we got the Offspring the X-files box set and you are right, it's a bizarre but fun experience watching all that intrigue in large chunks.

Aysh said...

Are you looking for any specific changes to your skin? I've started using a Vitamin E day and night cream to help my complexion, is supposed to be full of antioxidants and blah blah so if you've not already given that a go, try it! (Smells lovely too!)

Karen said...

Barb, the only thing at BP's I really like is the Perogy pizza but got a bland fettucine alfredo instead. Why? 'Cause I'm stupid. Mom, SIL and I will go to the vegan place on our own probably next month.

Aysh, just dryness - I've been blessed with a fairly clear complexion. I liked the idea of the flaxseed as it has heart health benefits as well. Testing out another blogger's claim that while taking flax she didn't have dry skin but when she stopped it came back.

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