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Saturday, January 14, 2012
Tonight, Mom and I headed out to use the hockey tickets I gave her for Christmas.  The 1st place Edmonton Oil Kings were taking on the 3rd place Kootenay Ice.  Its past my bed time, the Broncos/Patriots playoff game just ended, and I'm beat so I'm going to keep this simple and tell you the story of our evening through pictures....

Forgive the quality. I took my old Sony digital camera and it keeps flipping back and forth between settings as if it is possessed; I never know how things are going to turn out.

The Great One welcomed us to Rexall - yes, we finally have snow!!!

The Hanson Brothers from Slapshot were there for the ceremonial puck drop.

Plenty of upclose action, great seats, terrible overpriced food.  Fast paced hockey!

1st intermission - The Hanson Bros vs. a visiting kids team.  Ended in a 3-3 tie.

Zamboni - this guy was moving!

Not one but TWO zambonis on the ice at the same time.


Same Fight

Yes, same fight

Yes, still the same fight - right at the start of the 2nd period. 
Both players got 5 minute penalties and the Kootenay player left the ice, his face bleeding profusely.

Oilers Legends
I have to say that unlike football which I prefer watching on TV, hockey is one of those sports that (for me) is much more exciting live.  Its been years since I've been to a hockey game - the last two ended badly.  The NHL game I went too resulted in us sitting with my mother in the emergency room as she got treatment for food poisoning, and the University of Alberta Bears vs. Junior Oilers game I saw when I was a student there?  My friend got hit in the head with an out of control puck. 

If you love hockey but can't afford NHL prices, check out a junior league team near you.  The Oil Kings are part of the WHL and the hockey was outstanding. Support your local team today.  FYI, Edmonton won 3-2.


Wandering Coyote said...

Ah, your home town took on my home...area/district. Cool!

Ben Ditty said...

I went to a college hockey game last year that was cheap and fun :)

mister anchovy said...

fighting in hockey...put your gloves on and start skating, I say!

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