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Friday, January 13, 2012
Remember how I said this year was going to be a "heart healthy" year?  One of my strategies is to eat a square (yes, just one!) of dark chocolate every day this year.  I began the year with Lindt's Ecuador 75% Cacao dark chocolate bar.  Mmmm, dark chocolate-y goodness.  Simple but oh so satisfying.  Next up on my list of bars to try was Lindt's "A Touch of Sea Salt" dark chocolate.  Ever since trying Purdy's line of Himalyan Pink Salt chocolates (dark and milk), chocolate has never been the same.  I was REALLY looking forward to bar #2.


There was barely any hint of the saltiness I expected from a salted chocolate.  On top of that, with only 47% cacao (according to their list of ingredients on the back of the packaging), it tasted more like milk chocolate than the other dark bars Lindt puts out.  I'll finish the bar since I'm not about to waste decent chocolate but its not one I'll be purchasing again. 
Simply Delicious

Since I'm going to be out and about today, and treated to lunch (possibly Boston Pizza's perogy pizza), I wanted to eat a light breakfast.  I settled on something so simple yet so incredibly delicious: a toasted English muffin with melted cheese and sliced tomato.  I toasted the English muffin under the broiler so the tops was crisp but the bottoms were still soft and chewy.  A sprinkle of salt and pepper and you've got one of the easiest, simplest yet satisfying breakfasts.

What did you have for breakfast today?


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Half a piece of whole grain rye toast with crunchy peanut butter and half a banana. And a glass of skim milk. Breakfast of champions!

Aysh said...

Have you tried Green and Blacks dark chocolate? It's divine! (My personal fav is dark chocolate with cherries) Nom Noms

Karen said...

Barb: Crunchy? Ewwwwww. But I'll forgive you. Eventually...

Aysh: I have! Their dark chocolate with mint is probably my fave mint ever. After I finish going through the Lindt chocolate bars, I was going to sample the G&B's that I haven't tried before.

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