Swim Forward, Hurt Back

Sunday, January 08, 2012
In case I'm the only whacko that got the title, its supposed to be a play on the "Spring Forward, Fall Back" time change thingy.  Ok,  the fact that I have explain my title means its no good but honestly, I can't be bothered to come up with something wittier.  Moving on.

The reason for the not so witty title?  I woke up this morning (bright and VERY early) with one of the worst back pains I've ever experienced, short of one of my gall bladder attacks.  The swimming was definately the culprit - my form during the breast stroke is terrible and my back is likely arched so much it would make a chiropractor cringe just watching me.  It wouldn't be so bad if I had been keeping up with the weekly swim sessions.  However, our absence at the pool has made my back forget what I used to ask it to do.

To top it off, I had flipped over my mattress yesterday and slept on the bottom side.  Bottom side, you ask?  Yes, I have one of those Serta Back Logic, pillow top-type thingies; the kind that aren't meant to be flipped.  However, after a few years of being forced by the felines to sleep in the exact same spot (i.e. the middle), its developing a sag.  So, I flipped it.  I've done it before with no problems so I figured it would be just what the doctor ordered for a good night's sleep.  Yeah.  NO.  The overly firm underside of the mattress and the swimming the day before made for a very uncomfortable sleep last night.  Ack.

Mom helped me flip it back this morning and I spent part of the day with a hot bean bag on my back.  Ahhhhhhh...

The rest of today was spent watching football (the Broncos/Steelers are tied with less than 2 minutes in the 4th!), playing on the interwebbies, and knitting.  Before starting any new projects (like the 12 pairs of mitts I want to knit this year), I'm trying to use up my bits and pieces of old yarn.  They're getting mashed together into soft, squishy blankets for the cat's beds.

Despite the back pain earlier in the day, I managed to hop on the treadmill for an hour and a round of upper body free weights - something I haven't done in a long time.  Like the swimming, my muscles voiced their displeasure at my lack of consistency but I stuck to it, took my time and finished my two sets. 

Feelin' da burn
I'm gonna have awesome guns.  Some day.  I'll probably have to try and eventually lift something heavier than my 3lb girlie weights if that's gonna happen.


Yum Yucky said...

Your guns are on the waaaay, baby! I love that bad ass pic. As for mattress-flipping, hat should be Olumpic sport (no, really).

Side Note: I's been flippin' mattresses since 1981.

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