A Swimming Saturday

Saturday, January 07, 2012
You cannot believe how incredibly happy I was this morning.  Mom and I went swimming for the first time in just over a month.  The smell of the chlorine, the splash of the water as the teams practiced all around us, the cool shock as you slip into the pool...  So familiar and yet it all seemed so long ago.  Our absence took its toll though; we only managed 3 laps each (2 aqua jog, 1 swimming) before we were wiped out.  Certainly not a failure by any means.  Considering where we started?  This is still great!

And, yes, I'm convinced the dizzy spells I was experiencing sometimes when we go is caused by my attempts at actual swimming.  I'm fine if I leave it at jogging and breast/side strokes but as soon as I attempt a forward crawl or backstroke, my brain forgets how to breath resulting in me getting wobbly. 

Our "swim" was followed by groceries, 5 loads of laundry (and that's just mine!), some knitting, a hot bath in the middle of the afternoon (ahhhhh).  I'm finishing off my jam-packed day with 2 playoff football games (the Texans are currently trampling the Bengals) and a Big Salad:  romaine, spinach, grape tomatoes, green onions, cucumber, croutons and feta.

No comment on the badforme Caesar dressing its drenched in...
Terrible picture.  Stupid new camera is not easy to take self portraits with while holidng with one hand...and of course, crappy lighting in my kitchen. 

Yep, I'm now officially wiped out.  The return to swimming (and a belly full of veggie goodness) has made me very sleepy.  I'm ready to bed and its only 5:35 pm.  Egads.  Pretty soon, I'll be going to bed at lunch time and waking up at dusk.  Doubtful that I'll make it through the Lions/Saints game starting in an hour.  Heck, I'll be lucky if I make it to kickoff!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Be careful! It can happen. The Spousal Unit has been ill, and with his increased day sleeping has essentially become nocturnal. So try to stay up a wee bit later!

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