Well, that was a bad idea

Thursday, January 05, 2012
I'm an emotional eater.  I know it.  Its no secret.  I eat if I'm upset, angry, happy, sad, bored, ticked off, and to celebrate just about any lame-ass excuse I can come up with.  Yesterday, I had an "issue" with the copier in our office and as it got worse and worse (a 10 min job took me 2 hours!), all I could think of was an ice cold can of Coke out of the vending machine in our office kitchen.  I resisted and resisted, even nibbling on my cucumber slices and staring at the container, telling myself "you're an emotional eater, you're an EMOTIONAL eater, focus on the cukes, don't get a Coke, mmmm, yummmy, ice cold soda...".  Can you see where this is leading? Bet you can't!!! 

I got a Coke.

And then a bag of Cheezies.

After lunch I ate 3 GIANT donuts (one of which was smothered in chocolate).  And I really mean giant.  They were probably the size of 1.5 regular donuts.

We ain't see no Donut (willycoolpics via Flickr)
I don't know why I ate the donuts on top of the chips/pop. Or why I didn't stop at 1.  Or 2. Needless to say, I felt horrible.  Physically, mentally, emotionally.  I promised myself that I'd hop on the treadmill last night AND do some upper body weights to try and counterbalance some of the damage I had done.  When I arrived at home after work, I made dinner as usual but didn't have much of an appetite. Hmmm, no idea why that was...

I sat down to relax and watch the news, giving myself time to start digesting before hopping on the treadmill.  Within half an hour, I was ready for bed (this was 6PM!).  And it wasn't a good sleepy either.  I felt ... yucky.  Not that I was going to be sick but just ... yucky.  After a day and half with little sugar, no soda, and eating relatively healthy, I had OD'd on sugar, transfats, and just about every other bad thing out there.  It came as quite a shock though at how totally gross I felt.  I've binged before and never felt like this.  And it wasn't guilt over what I had done (although, yes tht was there too).  My head was wonky, my body felt bloated and not right (no other way to describe it), and I was falling asleep way earlier than even I usually do.

It was definately the wake up call I needed in terms of what all that crap can do to you in such a short amount of time.  And what I've been doing to my body over the course of my lifetime. 


Ben Ditty said...

We all have lapses but it's important you feel so strongly. I'm an emotional drinker myself. So, that's pretty bad.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You can use this as a future motivator. I suspect it will be a pretty powerful memory.

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