Wimpy Wednesday

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Its been a long, bad week.  I have ingested the weight of one of my cats in salt over the course of a day and a half and slammed back very little H20.  Yeah,  I thought I'd mummify myself in my spare time.  The emotional eating continued all day yesterday which may or may have resulted in a fast food lunch and possibly pizza for dinner (and breakfast today...).  Needless to say, my body and brain have felt a little on the crappy side as a result. 

At the office today, we finally hosted an event our department has been planning and organizing since before Christmas.  It involved almost 200 of our fellow co-workers traipsing through our area all morning.  Considering how much I hate crowds and people in general, I did quite well.  I joked with my boss that I'd like the afternoon off and ended up being told I could take it if I wanted to.  No need to ask me twice.  I was so exhausted by the time I left, I decided to (once again) stop off and pick up lunch on the way home.  I hit up a sub shop (sounds like Wiznos) near my office where I got a sandwich and a soup that might have been just a tad bit off.  I didn't stop eating it but wondered if I'd get sick as I downed each delicious bite.

Fast forward 6.5 hours later - I feel headachy and nauseous.  This could be food poisoning but it could also just be the dehydration process I've been subjecting my body to.  All I know is that I don't like it.  On top that, one of our neighbours is blazing up with some of the stinkiest weed I have ever had the displeasure to be exposed to.  The green haze is flowing into our apartment like fast moving lava down the side of a volcano.  Our poor kittehs (and Mom and I) are getting a secondary smoke high from it.  We complained to the office earlier in the day but they started up again just as I got off the treadmill (hoping exercise would help me feel better - it did but didn't).

Anyways, I guess I'll find out sometime tonight if its food poisoning (although I doubt it is).  I'm off now to suck back as much water as my bladder will allow me to before I head off to bed.  Its going to be a much needed early night tonight.


Wandering Coyote said...

I love Whizno's!

Ack re. the weed. I feel you there. I've had to put up with my fare share in my rental life.

Karen said...

I love Wiznos too but their Broccoli/Cheddar soup tasted slightly...tangy?...today. Not bad enough to stop but odd enough to make you go hmmmm.

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