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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Time for bar #3. After a mild disappointment with the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bar from Lindt, I decided to go back to the drawing board and stick to just plain (dark) chocolate.  The selection was slim at the store I stopped by yesterday but I had to get something since I was completely out.  This little baby caught my eye....90%?!  Indeed.
Occupy Chocolate Street
I figured if the 75% Ecuadorian chocolate was fantastically delicious, the 90% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar sould be all that much more delightful to my palatte, no?


Wow.  Ick.  Ack.  Gag.  I've crossed the line.  This is TOOOOO much cacao for me.  There was absolutely no pleasure in eating this whatsoever.  My tastebuds revolted at the first bite.  Slightly bitter, not even a hint of sweetness, 90% was just too overpowering.  The description of the bar says it included "a gentle buttery texture and light vanilla notes".  I didn't get any of that in this bar.  Remember how I said I wouldn't waste decent chocolate?  Yeah, I think in this case I will be.  I'll try and struggle through until I can grab another bar but this was just not edible to me.


Wandering Coyote said...

No kidding you didn't like it! 90% is way too much! I generally don't like dark chocolate over 70%, but mid sixties is preferable.

Big Mama T said...

Anything over 75 is usually meant more for baking or melting (you know, things you add sugar to, lol)... I found that out the hard way, too. Has the texture of solidified cocoa powder, blech.

Heather said...

What you want is chocolate with enough fat content to carry the cocoa along with it. Lots of cocoa butter but not palm oil. Doesn't look like the 90% has much of the cocoa butter in it...blech.

You might like this one:

Or this one?
Less cocoa but

Karen said...

Where were you guys when I was buying this?!!

WC: The Ecuador 75% was still yummy but I doubt I'll go any higher.

Big Mama T: Yep, that's what its going to be used for - baking.

Heather: Funny you linked to the Mint one - I LOVE it. I think it was the first Lindt bar I ever had. And its the one I'm eating right now. As for the Cherry/Chili combo? Not too sure but willing to give it a try - I'll keep my eyes op. Thanks!

Helena said...

What do you think! I tried this chocolate ... our Russian 86% - the best chocolate in the world! No palm oil, no butter fat! Sugar is in last place (in the product label). Come to Russia, the city of Ivanovo, in the supermarket Bimart and Real Madrid. There's 86% dark chocolate is a little belshe 1 euro.

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