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Sunday, February 12, 2012
February hasn't seen nearly as many blogposts as January did by this time.  I didn't set a goal for myself this month of blogging every day and I haven't really been in much of a picture taken mood as I was last month.  I think the weather is starting to impact my mood a bit.  This weird back and forth between winter and spring (minus the snow) is driving everyone a bit batty it seems.  Mother Nature had best make up her mind pretty darned quick or she'll have a revolt on her hands. 
Pre-processing:  Sunday night facial
To shake the funkiness I'm feeling and get back in the groove, I've decided to start a new feature here at London's Fog.  Its called Foto Fridays.  Each week, I'm going to set myself a different theme and take a few photos that based on that theme - I'll post my fave photos each Friday (hence the name...duh).  I'm hoping to push my limits, expand my creativity, and take photos more regularly, and not just of food and felines.  Not that there's anything wrong with kitteh photos and food shots; I just want to do more.  I'm going to keep the processing of the photos to a minimum - I want my photography to shine through, not the funky stuff that technology can do with it.

Post-Processing:  Zombified Karen
Not that I have anything against processing using tools available through sites like Picnik (love love love); look at the two photos above.  The same picture - one with processing and one without - but they tell two entirely different stories.  This type of manipulation has its place but it won't be appearing in Foto Fridays; no zombie's allowed.

If you'd like to join me for Foto Fridays, let me know.


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