A Goal For Lent

Thursday, February 23, 2012
I’m not a religious person but I’m taking part in Lent this year. Yes, you’ve guessed it; I’m giving up something for the next few weeks. What is it, you ask? Posting sickeningly cute photos of my cats? Talking about (and photographing) food? Not likely and bite your tongue. Nope, it’s my longtime nemesis … I’m giving up Coca Cola. Once you finish laughing at my announcement of yet another attempt to ban the devil’s drink from my diet, we’ll continue.

Finished? Thank you. Sheesh.

I kid but I know (and many of you know too) that I’ve tried numerous times (most only half-heartedly) to stop drinking pop or at least to cut back. The one time I was even remotely successful was during my archaeological field school during university – 6 weeks in the Rocky Mountains without money or access to soft drinks meant an unplanned, involuntary lack of soda in my diet. And you know what? I didn’t miss it. Oh sure, the first week was a bit rough but you quickly get used to it, especially when you’re not confronted with it day in, day out. We had no television, no laptops or smart phones, and only went into town once towards the end of our stay. Out of sight, definitely out of mind.

In my current life, I’m bombarded with the accessibility of Coke (or other soft drinks) – the food court in my office building, the vending machine in my office kitchen, in every restaurant and grocery store, gas stations, billboards, commercials, movie theatres and concert posters. Heck, I just heard my boss crack open a can in his office. ARRRGGGGH! Save me!
Wow, that looks soooo inviting right now...
The past few days really hit home that I need to quit. I’ve drank far too much (and made far too many poor food choices) because I’m an emotional eater and the Nubs situation has had me stressed and sad. Sitting at my desk at lunch yesterday, drinking a soda and eating my salad, I wondered what I was doing. I’m embarrassed to admit but it was my third of the day. Yes, three sodas by lunchtime. I told you it’s been stressful! At that point, I knew it was time to really make the effort to ditch it. That and the fact that my desk was beginning to look like a bottle depot with cans accumulating at a rapid rate.

I’m aware of all the bad things that Coke can do to me and my innards. Not to mention all that added useless sugar that is likely adding a couple of extra pounds which could be shed by simply not drinking the stuff. However, it’s an addiction. Much like smoking, alcoholism, or drug use, going without has consequences after a certain length of time spent chasing that sugary dragon… headaches, irritability, the overwhelming desire to find enough spare pennies to buy just one more can…

It’s not going to be easy but I’ve enlisted help at work and I’ll be roping in Mommikins for help at home. There’s none left in the house which is good and considering all the money I now owe her, I’ll be saving myself a few bucks here and there could instead be going to paying her back. Big Brother’s Birthday lunch might be difficult but I think work is going to be the hardest struggle for me. Its far too easy to walk ten feet, drop a loonie in the machine and crack open a cold one. Ahhhh, that sweet, dark, bubbly elixir! Oh sweet bejeebus, someone help me!

Are you giving up anything for Lent?


Aysh said...

Aww good luck!
My friend once gave up chocolate for Lent, but decided chocolate chip cookies didn't officially count :/

Ben Ditty said...

I have the same obsession with Diet Coke. Also, interested you called it pop. I thought that was a Midwest US thing.

mister anchovy said...

Tuffy P is giving up sugar for Lent. Me? Um, uh....um....liver?

Karen said...

I just threw out the rest of my splenda yesterday. It's painful.
I have a case of diet cola in the van (don't ask) and when that's gone, I will attempt to give it up as well.

Best wishes for your attempt!

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