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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
For those of you following me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that my little furry dude has not been feeling too well lately.  Poor little Anubis.  He began throwing up just after midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning, and then again a few hours later.  After that, he was vomiting approximately every six hours - for the next day and half.  Unable to keep anything down even if he could eat, he wasn't getting any better and I knew it was time for him to finally make a visit to the doctor.  Unfortunately ... Monday was a holiday here in Alberta.  Have you ever tried to find a vet open on a holiday???  The only two places I could find in the city were emergency vet hospitals and I knew I'd be paying through the proverbial nose.  But ... how can you resist the lure of the purr and the most adorable furry face around?  So, off we went.
Pretty Little Kitteh
We saw a wonderful vet who treated little Nubs as gently as possible given the circumstances.  Unfortunately, he wasn't as fond of the doctor as the doctor was of him but still managed to behave himself.  The vet couldn't find anything out of the ordinary during his exam other than he was dehydrated.  No obvious explanation for the vomiting.  I knew what was coming - overnight stay, blood work, fluids, etc.  What I wasn't prepared for was the estimate.  Ouch.  Note to pet owners, if you can wait to visit your regular vet during normal hours, do so.  However, for real emergencies, definately go to a pet hospital but be warned. You'll pay an arm and a paw for the service. 

Thankfully, I have a kitteh ATM.
Thanks for the hugs, kleenex and the cash-o-la.
I didn't have anywhere near the money the overnight stay and treatment were going to cost but Mommikins understood how stressful it can be to be a pet owner.  She graciously stepped forward and covered the cost of everything.  Thankfully next month we get an extra paycheck so I'll be able to pay back a big chunk of it.

Nubs is home now and currently asleep on Mom's bed.  The Vet gave us two different medications and some special food for him to eat over the next few days.  This should be fun.  Fortunately they gave us the liquid form for each and put them in individual dose syringes.  Still not sure what caused the vomiting - he had no mass in his abdomen, blood work was all normal, temperature was normal, heart rate normal, etc.  It could be stress but I'm not sure from what.  We're to watch him closely and hopefully he won't start vomiting again.  If he does, he'll need to go back for an ultrasound and may have pancreatitis.  Cross your fingers everyone!

He did throw-up in his carrier either just before we picked him up or as we were on the way home but I'm hopeful that it was just nerves and he'll be fine.  The vet said he didn't throw up anything he ate so... we'll see.


Wandering Coyote said...

I had to take Juno to the vet after hours on a weekend and it was very expensive. But she had an intestinal obstruction & would have died if I'd not taken her. It was so super stressful!

I'm glad the little guy is home now and that your mom was there to support you. I hope Anubis keeps getting better!

sp said...

I hope he gets well soon! Poor little guy.

I've been to the vet emerg. and while it's a life saver, it's a costly one. Can you imagine if our own health care was like that?

Wandering Coyote said...

Pet insurance is one option, I learned. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but the vet suggested it to me.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm really glad that he is back home with his loved ones, and I hope he keeps getting better.

I've never had to go to the emergency vet, but an overnight workup is horribly expensive at the best of times.

Ayesha Yousafi said...

Anubis is such a cool name for a Kitty! Get well soon Anubis!

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