You Can Suck It, Valentine's Day

Monday, February 13, 2012
Monday.  Hmmmppffftt.
I did not want to get up this morning but this fuzzy fat fellow was wandering around the apartment meowing plaintively.  It wasn't until I got up that I discovered what it is he was after - my spot on the bed.  While the other kittehs were feasting on their breakie, Nero hopped on the bed and curled up right where I was lying a few moments earlier.  Cheeky furry bastard.  Gotta love him.

I seem to have injured myself.  Apparently playing endless hours of Free Cell and Solitaire, surfing the webbies, and working on a computer all day long can, quite possibly, hurt your wrists.  I doubt that its carpal tunnel but its certainly a warning sign.  At work, I've had to move my mouse to my left hand to avoid doing more damage and I've imposing a computer game free zone on my laptop for the next few days.  Dang nabbit.  This annoys me to no end.

Something else that I find annoying?  Valentine's Day.  Its a stupid day.  Its a meaningless day for me and I've never truly understood it.  Why should there be one day a year where you're expected to show your love for someone?  If you tell someone you love them today because its Valentine's day, it means nothing.  You want to know what means something?  Surprising your loved one on a random day during the year that holds no special meaning in your relationship.  Doing something special for them because you want to, not because you're supposed to.  Saying "I love you" when its least expected and actually meaning it.  Valentine's Day and its meaningless gestures of so called affection?  You can keep it, thank you very much.

Before someone responds with some retorte about me being a lonely single cat lady with no prospects who just needs to get laid, that's not the case.  Ok, I am single and pretty much as close to being a crazy cat lady as you can get but I'm some bitter, jaded spinster who's against love.  Far from it.  I would rather be surprised by an unexpected gesture of your devotion than that generic Hallmark card that you only picked up because television advertisers have been reminding you again and again that its the one day of the year that you're supposed to say "I love you".

A former boss of mine felt the same way about Administrative Assistants' (formerly Secretary's) day.  She preferred to reward me throughout the year when I deserved it rather than because she was told to do so on a specific day each year.  If I averted an office shattering crisis, she'd take me for lunch.  Solved a particularly vexing problem that no one else could sort out, a card.  A heart felt thank you went further than words can describe.  I didn't appreciate it fully at the time but when I eventually moved on to my last job where we were given wilted flowers that died the next day or given a meaningless "award" as a way to keep us all quiet and "happy", I really understood what she was getting at. 

Hollow, meaningless gestures are not the way to win loyalty, respect, or yes, even love.  You have to put thought into whatever it is you are giving/doing and you have to do/say it because you truly mean it, not because you're told by the gift card companies that its that time of year again when you're supposed to.  So, you can keep your heart filled boxes of candy and your dozen generic red roses. Surprise me with an unplanned lunch on a workday.  Plan a surprise movie night featuring my favourite cheesy films on a day when I'm feeling especially blue.  Don't do it because you have to, do it because you want to.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Personally, I will take chocolates, regardless of what day they are given to me or for whatever reason.

Ben Ditty said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Most women like presents all year long ;-)

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