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Friday, March 09, 2012
Last week, there was no Foto Friday thanks to life, work and the universe taking up too much of my time.  This week, I haven't gotten around to take new photos either so instead I'm posting some of my fave photos of food that I've taken over the past few years.  Yes the idea is to use Foto Fridays to inspire me in the taking of NEW photos but things don't always go as planned.  I promise to try harder next week... Forgive me!

Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake from Earls.  Sure, I didn't make it but it was absolutely divine.  Mom and I almost licked the plate.

Grilled Vegetable Salad from The Globe in Rye, Englnad.  A bit out of focus but that's likely because I was far too eager to patiently wait to take a decent picture.  Look at those colours!  Simply amazing.  If you find yourself in the quaint town of Rye, get thee to the Globe for lunch. 

Pancakes.  Simple.  Easy.  Delicious.  I'm not a huge fan of pancakes but I get cravings now and then.  I love this picture, although when one of my coworkers first saw it, he simply said "The bottom one is burnt" and walked away.  Jackass.  Just look at the butter melting and the syrup sliding across the plate towards you like some evil toxic ooze monster.
Red Velvet cake with vanilla icing and shaved dark chocolate.  The cake didn't turn out to be as tasty as I'd hoped (a bit overdone) but the presentation was perfect, if I do say so myself.

Herbal tea and a slice of pie from Simon the Pieman, also in Rye.  Sadly they don't have a website.  Its a shame because its the most charming little tea shop.  Great service, great food, great atmosphere. 

Feel free to share your favourite food fotos today!


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